Today I am bent upon hacking the game Dragon City, so wish me luck. Any one who knows to hack games? Please comment and help. Thanks.

PUBG MOBILE !! 12 Kills!!

I installed PUBG MOBILE yesterday, so I could do nothing much yesterday. But yes I opened my Pubg mobile, and played my very first match. And yes, I got chicken dinner. I got 12 kills! I was running low on ammo initially, but energy drink saved me. Sharing winning moment screenshots!! Like to show your…

More Dragons!!

My Ancient World in Dragon City is looking great! I have unlocked the: Ignox, Delegate of Blaze!

Getting Better!

I got this Chicken Dinner, only because my squad members helped me. I missed the Chicken Dinner by 1 position in the successing consecutive matches twice.

One More Dragon! ๐Ÿ‰

My collection is looking better and better. Check out the: Cerberus Dragon! Forge Dragon is in breeding!

Dragon City

I got amazing rewards after winning yet another challenge in Dragon City! Cool game. Be patient in the beginning of the game though and give it a shot. New events every 10 days. Great dragons.

Tried PUBG Lite

Nothing special, just not like the hype. I don’t care who calls me a freak for not liking PUBG. I like Dragon City more than, PUBG, so I stick with the choice of playing games which I like rather than going with the flow.

Best Sparky Deck

This is probably the best Sparky Deck around. It is filled with power packed troops and is a tried and tested deck. It is great for all and doesn’t require a geek to play. Its simple but effective. Sparky- The heroine, she charges slow but damages big. Always send her out with Valkyrie, Witch/Wizard or…

Arena 5 Deck

I am very excited since all my decks from Arena 1 to 4 have borne positive responses and I hope my Clash Royale deck ideas will help all. Here in this post, I will tell you a good Arena 5 deck. Only people who have crossed this arena know how difficult this arena is to…

Arena 4 Deck

I got positive remarks and feedback from my Arena 3 deck. So I decided to write down a cool working Arena 4 deck. First let me tell you that, in this arena, you have to work hard seriously, to get promoted to Arena 5 Spell Valley. Arena 5 is difficult too. Arena 6, Builder’s Workshop…

Arena 3 Deck

Guys! I got a feedback, that my decks are not having a cool name and theyย have no cool cards, and they prevent players from avenging new decks. Let me tell them that I advise players to make decks and I do not like to make fancies. My decks do contain cards which have been obtained…

Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck

Now when you have left your first arena and you are on a burning fire to reach Arena 12, you have a complete confidence (rather overconfidence) to unlock new cards faster. In this arena, we get to find some cards which are really tricky to use and needs practice. It is absolutely okay if you…

Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck

Arena 1 is the base and foundation of every good Clash royale gamer. And everyone knows if the foundation is strong, so is the building that stands on it. You should be very well informed about the different types of cards and their unique characteristics and abilities. I advise you to ask suggestion from elders…

My Way to Categorise Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the four games offered by Supercell. It is a card and strategy based game. Many people who were bored with Clash of Clans or if all the builders of one were busy with long upgrades chose to play CR for pass time. But they inclined towards it. Now I am…