Arena 3 Deck

Guys! I got a feedback, that my decks are not having a cool name and they have no cool cards, and they prevent players from avenging new decks. Let me tell them that I advise players to make decks and I do not like to make fancies. My decks do contain cards which have been obtained in that very arena. And about “COOL” cards, you don’t get Freeze Spell or Ice Wizard at Arena 1 or 2, do you?

Here I present a great deck for players of Arena 3, this is the time when you get cards which provide a backbone to your decks even at higher arenas. The card names marked in Red are the BACKBONES!

So here I begin:-

Barbarians: They have good hitpoints and a great backup with Prince and they can even surround and kill one. If led by tanks and not distracted they can take down an entire Princess Tower. They can kill a PEKKA, Mini PEKKA, Witch, Valkyrie, Giant and Giant Skeleton. Barbarians are great assistants to Prince and can clear off Skeleton Army. In case of higher arenas, they are used to defend against Graveyard (though Goblins can do the same but keeping a card that serves just a single purpose, is not advisable). They can easily take down Bomb Towers and X Bows. 

X Bow: Use this card at your own sweet will. A building that will both defend and will also hit an enemy tower without taking damage. Needs backup by splash attack troops like Baby Dragon and Valkyrie.

Prince: The first card that becomes your favourite constantly and your companion and best friend which you always want to keep in your deck. But sadly due to the availability of more cards which serve a similar purpose and the fear of Skeleton Army leads to extinction of this card from your favourite card list and deck gradually. But remember this card is a great finisher and damager. You could just build an entire deck based on this troop. Just add Prince and other cards that assist and defend it like Barbarians, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Giant, Valkyrie, Witch and Arrows. This deck is classic and very much practical. 

Baby Dragon: The only readily available splasher who is an aerial tank.

Valkyrie: Best defence card. Can protect Prince from the Skeleton Army.

Giant: The only melee, non-distractable, durable and reliable troop, who is your friend till the very last. Mr Royal Giant has been made a Common card for a reason. While Giant is rare.

Witch: Spawns an entire army of Skeletons, if left behind Giant. Can counter Aerial troops. A must in higher arenas.

Rage: Good option to enrage Barbarians and other troops, loses popularity as you go up. But is useful at this juncture. Not a junk.

You can use Giant Skeleton instead of Giant but it is not advisable to do so in Arenas higher than 3. Witch can be replaced by Barbarians Hut, to provide a swarm of Barbarians. Serves the purpose of killing single target melee. Musketeers are used by geeks, I won’t advise you to do so.



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