Shout Out Saturday #4

This week Onerazz Channel Services, Janetsm, Bhumi Bokde, Ekanthika, Anju Rajput, Shedrackamy, Princess Cynthia, Itsdo, Kavin Ram J, and Ayesha Mughal are getting a shout out. Thank you everyone for supporting. Your support means a lot to me. The poll is yet to close, so go and vote now.

200+ Followers!

And Now my little corner on internet has 200+ followers. With more viewers comes more responsibility. I must post better stuff for you guys to read. It’s quite difficult to study, play games and blog at the same time, all this while discovering myself. But yes keep supporting me and remain my friends!πŸ˜ƒ Do like…

Home Sweet Home!

I am back at home. I have reunited with my laptop.
Stay Tuned.
Better and longer posts are coming soon…


The permissions are done. We have planned to head to home tommorow. The electricity is fluctuating, so must charge my phone. If everything is ok, then we will be able to go home. Finally!

100+ Followers!!

I finally got 100+ followers in my WordPress site. I am super happy and excited. I don’t have words to say. I am just on cloud nine 😁. Just about to jump from seventh heaven. Wheee! Keep supporting. Thanks for the support you have shown for me. I promise to make better posts in the…

50 Day Streak!!

There was a time when I didn’t write for 2 years and now I am on a whopping 50 day streak. I am totally heated up to make it 100. Stay beside and keep supporting. New weekly segment Shout out Saturdays, coming from this Saturday. All my friends who show their overwhelming love for my…

My View on Street Dogs

India has the highest street dog population. India also records the highest number of rabies cases and deaths. In this regard, thousands of dogs are sent to slaughterhouses each day. Just imagine, what will you do, when your beloved pet dog’s head is severed with one blow of a blade? Just like your dog, that…

Another Shout Out

Thank you Dixit Mrityunjay, Paul Militaru, Andreealdl, Gottfried, and others for supporting me. Thank you. You guys are amazing and keep me going.

Quote on Kill

Don’t kill yourself. Kill them who make you want to kill yourself. Smile. Brave warrior.

Please Read Important Announcement πŸ™

I am willing to explore divorce and separation in a short story collection. I am very tender at this, so I request your help and support. Comment your ideas and experience, if any. I am still not at my home and I am using my phone to blog. I am not good at typing long…

It’s Bengali New Year

Nothing special. No event is taking place due to lockdown.πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΄πŸ˜±πŸ˜’πŸ˜’


I am amazed at how amazing and well knit the WordPress community is. You get to learn about so many cool stuff around the world. I also understood, showing love is the best way to receive it back!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’πŸ’ Lots of thanks and love β€οΈπŸ’• for supporting my blog ❀️.

Got Response From My Painting

Feeling blessed. Guys/ gals/ gays, please stay beside me and help me grow, thanks. If you like my posts, please share them and like them. Thank you, πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

My Favorite YouTubers

In no particular order,which boost me 1.KirtiChow: Animator, who brings up the topics trending in the society. He addresses problems and also their root causes. He has also made horror movies in the past. 2. CarryMinati: Roaster. Also mocks the school system. Uses slangs, a little too much, but yes, very funny. 3. Jaiden Animations:…

I am Playing Pokemon GO!

Pokemon Go is indeed a cool game. Moving about, catching Pokemon, evolving them, fighting battles, etc. etc! It is great seeing your buddy Pokemon becoming your virtual pet. Mine is an Anorith. What’s yours? Comment down  below. You can visit Poke Stops for great rewards for free. There you  may meet some wonderful Pokemon! Gotta…

Help Me Buddies: A New Short Story Collection is Upcoming!

I was thinking of writing a short story collection for a long time. Now, that I have time, I am planning about the stories. The title of the collection, I have proposed to be ‘ Divorce Stories’. I am going to discover divorce and separation in this collection. Libras are generally not good at handling…

My Photo! Nothing Special.

Just a photo of mine, my cousin took. Experiencing nothing special in Janata Curfew, though. Introverts..

Got a New Friend!

She’s a brown cow, with dark black eyes. I fed her grass, straw and cucumbers just now. I just love cows.

I Don’t Care

I just want to see my blog in my deathbed after having a great accomplishment. I will love to track my development as a person. I don’t care what someone says about me because I know who I am. I don’t mind who sees my posts. I don’t mind who likes my posts. I don’t…

Quote on Rebel

Ask yourself, do you have problems? Are you completely happy with your life? I know the answer is no. Who is responsible for this? Of course, the social system. Not one or two but everyone faces a problem in this system. Thus, we must change the system, because the people are not for the society…


This is to hereby inform all readers that the series of posts the writer is going to create in a couple of days, is not at all fictitious and any resemblance to any person living/dead is not at all coincidental but because the writer wants to speak the truth and present his point of view….

I’m Back!

Finally I’m back, the exams are over. And, now I am all ready to post on my blog after two long years. Thank you, my followers, I’m glad.

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Wow! I am Back!! Its my 2nd Anniversary

Its been ages since I last posted. Now I am in class 10 so got to study a lot. So getting no time to blog. Thanks everyone for staying with me and I hope I can post good stuff from April on wards. Many things have changed. I am 15 now. I have recently won…

Exams on!!

My Final exams for class 9 have started and I am already done with my English and Second Language exams. Please wish me luck everybody! I need it! After 20th of March I guess I will be able to write more frequently.

Words of Apologisation

Sorry Guys!! I couldn’t give you something to read for a lot of months, this is because my exams were going on, I am now in class 9 and I need to study more. Even my internet connection had a problem, so sorry, once again. Clash Royale lovers, I am writing this quite late and…



The Story of April Fool’s Day​

Earlier, when the Gregorian Calendar did not exist then the year began in April. But after its issue and mass acceptation, the New Year began in January. But still, some people continued to celebrate the New Year in April. The supporters of Gregorian Calendar played pranks on them who still did so. So is the…

A Word of Gratitude

Yesterday, I wrote the post “Animals in a New Point of View”. It has been liked by a lot of my regular readers. I am grateful to them. But they have not posted any comments yet. So, I am writing this post, since I cannot chat up with them. Please do continue your support and…


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Aurochs are the ancestor to the cattle family which existed in the world till 1857 in Europe. Aurochs originated in the period after Ice Age in present day Indian subcontinent. They had thick dark brown to shiny black coats with a considerable tall body and white fur around the hooves, which…

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A Thing To Think!!

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In, today’s informative world, where making a few clicks and taps may reveal the entire planet and even the universe in front of our eyes; can we just sit aside and set off our minds to think where is the position of animals. Yes, I am not talking about your plate…

A Notice

I was supposed to write this earlier but better late than never. I was not being able to blog for a lot of days. This is because of my Annual Examination and its preparation. Hope you all understand. Sorry!!! I will continue after 17th March.


I am very happy to find the Indian Republic Day as today’s Google doodle. I feel proud of my nation. I think that my country sure does have a rich culture that it has been rightly portrayed. But I don’t know why people just portray India as a nation which is filled with turban wearing…

Sad moments before a Happy New Year

Every 31st December, I have a feeling of complete emptiness. When I take back my memories to the memories of the past year, I feel I have not done anything. Maybe, this same thing makes you less confident and have an uneasy feeling. but the next morning, the first morning of the new year, I…