Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck

Arena 1 is the base and foundation of every good Clash royale gamer. And everyone knows if the foundation is strong, so is the building that stands on it.

You should be very well informed about the different types of cards and their unique characteristics and abilities. I advise you to ask suggestion from elders and friends. I will like to tell that Internet is not a very stable source to learn the basics of anything. Yes, if you have the preliminary knowledge of the game then of course, you can get webbed onto the Net. I will request you to first download the the game if you haven’t. Supercell gives you an amazing tutorial to learn the basic of the equally amazing game.

I will further request you to read
for further information.

Use Giant, Knight, Spear Goblins, Mini PEKKA, Fireball, Valkyrie and Arrows for sure. Some use Musketeers, Goblins, Archers too for their dream decks.For guys and gals who have unlocked Prince and Witch are being advised to keep these two cards as must in their decks.


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