Arena 5 Deck

I am very excited since all my decks from Arena 1 to 4 have borne positive responses and I hope my Clash Royale deck ideas will help all. Here in this post, I will tell you a good Arena 5 deck. Only people who have crossed this arena know how difficult this arena is to cross. In this arena, any of your older decks do not work and you seriously have to sweat up to invent a deck which will, in turn, give you a roller coaster ride to the Barbarian Bowl and even Bone Pit a number of times. But you do not have to worry since I will recommend you deck that will take you out of the arena. I was lucky since I bought a Legendary Chest with 500 gems, which I had been saving, and received Sparky.

You get cool stuff like Furnace, Fire Spirits, Wizard, Zap, Mirror and Poison (earlier).

Bats, Fire Spirits, Freeze spell, Wizard, Furnace, Poison spell, Graveyard and Night Witch (now).

Use these decks, they are really good. Like all other decks, it is tried and tested by me.

Valkyrie: Splash damager who is considered best defense troop.

Rocket: Best finisher. Can bring you victory at last moment or take down moderately high hitpointed Princess Tower.

Giant: Giant is the tank behind whom you can leave a lot of troops who will defend it.

Baby Dragon: Only aerial tank.

Tombstone: This building suddenly becomes really useful in this arena. It spawns Skeletons who not only distract an enemy melee fighter but also distract Balloons, Giants and Giant Skeletons, also effective against others.

Wizard: The splasher and damager who can take away a Minion Horde all by himself. Not only this, if combined with Giant can kill defending swarms, and destroy towers.

Poison: Reduces hitpoints of towers, and troops all by itself. Great last minute damager.

Freeze: Freeze the towers and damage more, if combined with Poison its win win situation!


Another working deck,

Tombstone, Furnace, Goblin Hut and Barbarian Hut: The buildings to spawn troops.

Giant: The shield behind which a swarm is to be formed.

Baby Dragon: Aerial Tank.

Wizard: Heavy damager and splasher.

Freeze: Freezes towers to deal more damage.

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