Arena 4 Deck

I got positive remarks and feedback from my Arena 3 deck. So I decided to write down a cool working Arena 4 deck. First let me tell you that, in this arena, you have to work hard seriously, to get promoted to Arena 5 Spell Valley. Arena 5 is difficult too. Arena 6, Builder’s Workshop is easier since fewer troops get unlocked and by that time you reach there, you become a cool-headed Royal Clasher who can even uninstall your other games for they are less played! This is the case with me since I have paid no attention to my Clash of Clans village for weeks and I have not played a tournament in World Cricket Championship 2 for long.

You will have to stay in this arena for a long time and you may even get demoted to Barbarian Bowl a lot of times, but do not worry as this happens to almost all. You can take some advice from veterans (like me) of course. But one serious sentence that will break your heart,
“Though in the list of Arenas you will find that Arena 4 is the first Arena to unlock you Legendary Cards, in reality, you will have almost no chances to get one without spending real bucks. And I will advise you not to spend real money on a game.”

You will need a great deck and also intelligence to use cards. Do not fret if it does not work and try testing some decks, in this attempt to not spend your gold in upgrading cards you do not use regularly and are sure are not going to be useful. At this juncture, you need finishers, who can destroy enemy towers at last minute to make you win. Like, you and your opponent have both destroyed 1 tower each and little time is left to conquer the other feeble tower, then if you have finishers like Rocket and Goblin Barrell with you then you may succeed in winning the match at last moment.

Rocket and Goblin Barrell: I have mentioned their importance.

Giant: Tank. Acts as a meat shield and lets a huge swarm form behind it and if combined with Baby Dragon then can even counter Minion Horde.

Baby Dragon: The aerial tank, and the only one of its kind.

Minion Horde can destroy Princess Tower at a go if left with a backup. Can kill melee troops like a charging Prince, a raging PEKKA or a distracted Baby Dragon.

Valkyrie: Splash damager and remover of swarms. Considered the best defence troop.

Freeze Spell: Gives your troops more opportunity to destroy the enemy towers and/or troops. Effective against Giant Skeletons and the rare Legendaries which are obtained by owner by usually spending real money. Obviously also effective against other troops.

PEKKA: Damager and also a sort of tank.

Rage can be used in stead of PEKKA. Witch or Musketeer can be used instead of PEKKA. Witch having spawning ability and splash damage is recommended. PEKKA though very effective needs time and practice to be used efficiently.






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