Best Sparky Deck

This is probably the best Sparky Deck around. It is filled with power packed troops and is a tried and tested deck. It is great for all and doesn’t require a geek to play. Its simple but effective.

  1. Sparky- The heroine, she charges slow but damages big. Always send her out with Valkyrie, Witch/Wizard or Baby Dragon. Can be used to counter too.
  2. Valkyrie- Escort to Sparky and Prince.
  3. Witch/Wizard-Magical troop and splasher.
  4. Baby Dragon- The aerial tank to take damage.
  5. Goblin Barrel- The last moment game changer and destroyer of weak towers. Can counter Prince’s charge.
  6. Arrows-The killer of spawners and feebly weak towers.
  7. Skeleton Army-Counterer of single unit land troops.
  8. Minion Horde-Air spawners to kill distracted aerials and all types of land troops.

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