Style generally means the way to do something. But nowadays, it means the way to carry oneself. Actually, some might even think it as a way to dress up and get cheered at. But actually it is the way to get confident.

People like to dress up like their favorite celebrities, just to feel confident, (though they do not know why they are doing so). Actors, especially, show a lot of confidence. So people want to become like them to stay more confident. So you may have understood that whatever you dress up as you are the same person from inside. So do not believe in any kind of garment or hairstyle to feel confident, just uplift your mind and walk like a king whenever you are at places where you need to boost confidence. For that place can be an exam hall, a friend’s place or a gathering with your friends. FEEL CONFIDENT and DO NOT LOOK CONFIDENT.

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  1. Ay ay, Rejoy, stop. I am sure you have not composed it from your own thoughts and intelligence,but have simply just copied it from our E. Lit chapter “Happiness and Contentment”.So,I hope I am just revising on my lesson during reading the text of yours.Bye.


    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      you copy cat. I have power to compose so i am a blogger.

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