Open Testimony

1. NAME: Rejoy Dey 2.LOVINGLY CALLED: Rebel Jaguar 3.YOUR BIRTHDAY: 19.10.2004 4.CONTACT DETAILS: 5.GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOU: I am determined, dedicated and always looking forward to develop myself. 6.SOME BAD THINGS ABOUT ME: I am a poor listener. I act strangely in front of opponents. 7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: The first time I joined my present…

The Tension

After the exams, I am terribly worried about the results. I always have thought that we should do our work without worrying about the result. The same is named as karma yoga in the Bhagavad Gita. I believe in this all year round yet I myself, defy this as I always think about the results….

Saraswati Puja​

The followers of Hinduism often perform grand rituals to please the Gods and Goddesses and earn their blessings. Such rituals are performed at a particular time of the Lunar calendar.  Similarly, today is one of the Pujas (as these rituals are called) of Goddess Saraswati. She is the Goddess of learning, text, speech, and art….