Quote on Hatred

Hatred spells doom but humans love it for some reason unknown to HUMANS. Differences are Man Made and HUMANS despise them.

Quote on Cigarette (Not so Simply Understood)

If a man holds a burning cigarette only he gets a burn, cigarette doesn’t have eyes or heart! Don’t smoke, I don’t support smoking. Cigarette is just a metaphor for insignificant grief!

Quote on Life

Life is indeed a bed of roses, but the problem is some people are too fond of thorns.

Quote on Arrogance

Be arrogant, or someone else will be arrogant towards you. Be kind, be happy, but most importantly be arrogant, but don’t spoil your character. Arrogance is a great slave when tamed but also untamable. It may ruin your life or build your life, you hold the rein of arrogance.

Quote on Studying

Some study four hour actually studying half an hour worth of time,   Others study one hour, studying worth a day. One of the purpose of Teenage is to find your category.

The Reason I Smoke

Disclaimer: At first, let me make it clear; I do not smoke, and do not promote the same. In fact, I dislike smoking, and request you to discontinue smoking, if you smoke. Some strong language has been used. But, the work is not solely reserved for adults. Note: Smoking is used as a metaphor for…

Quote on DP

The people who keep grayscale DP, Abstract, and Sad Statuses are the ones who always spend their time laughing by looking at memes.

Quote on Camera

Why post black and white photos if your camera can capture color?