Quote on Arrogance

Be arrogant, or someone else will be arrogant towards you. Be kind, be happy, but most importantly be arrogant, but don’t spoil your character. Arrogance is a great slave when tamed but also untamable. It may ruin your life or build your life, you hold the rein of arrogance.

Quote on Studying

Some study four hour actually studying half an hour worth of time,   Others study one hour, studying worth a day. One of the purpose of Teenage is to find your category.

Quote on Panthera

Have the NERVES of a JAGUAR, have the BONES of a TIGER, have the HEART of a LION, have the LUNGS of a CHEETAH, have the SKIN of a LEOPARD, and you have SUCCESS.

Quote on Duty

Do what you must, then do what you like. Responsibility is the best source of motivation. Stand up. Stand brave soldier.

Quote on DP

The people who keep grayscale DP, Abstract, and Sad Statuses are the ones who always spend their time laughing by looking at memes.

Quote on Camera

Why post black and white photos if your camera can capture color?