Today I am bent upon hacking the game Dragon City, so wish me luck. Any one who knows to hack games? Please comment and help. Thanks.

More Dragons!!

My Ancient World in Dragon City is looking great! I have unlocked the: Ignox, Delegate of Blaze!

One More Dragon! πŸ‰

My collection is looking better and better. Check out the: Cerberus Dragon! Forge Dragon is in breeding!

Still Stuck, but Not Homesick yet!

I am still stuck at my aunt’s house in Anandpur due to the lockdown. The days are quite homogenous. I wake up at 7 and go help the my aunt’s devrani help milk the cow. Then I feed the cow and her calf. They eat cucumbers, brinjals, grass, hay, starchy water, and other vegetables. Then…

Dragon City

I got amazing rewards after winning yet another challenge in Dragon City! Cool game. Be patient in the beginning of the game though and give it a shot. New events every 10 days. Great dragons.

Tried PUBG Lite

Nothing special, just not like the hype. I don’t care who calls me a freak for not liking PUBG. I like Dragon City more than, PUBG, so I stick with the choice of playing games which I like rather than going with the flow.