The Reply (Which I Never Got)

At times I see those texts, Not always, but yes I do. Those dead words, Which I wrote, The words, my best, Which never could truly, Fulfill their job. The messages which, I passed on to you, The ones I loved to admire, They never became beautiful, Without your beautiful glance. I stay late at…

Expansion of Rights

The right of someone refers to the activities one can do without trespassing the criminal sector of life according to the “law”. If we talk about animal rights then we hit upon the term “anti cruelty”. I know and I must say that this is quite vague. The cruelty term does not has a necessity…

North Westers : Kalbaishakhi

This is the Bengali month of Baisakh, the season of storms. The entire East India is experiencing North Westerly Storms called Kalbaishakhi in Bengali. It is devastating yet phenomenol. The winds are beautifully destructive. Sharing some photos of the stormy weather.

Lunch in Anandpur

The breakfast in Anandpur consists of Indian flatbreads or puffed rice, along with a sweet. The dinner is mainly Indian flatbread with a curry again with a sweet. The meal worth mentioning, which is the truest image of a traditional Bengali food, is the lunch. The lunch is a ceremonial occasion. Almost everyone in the…

Still Stuck, but Not Homesick yet!

I am still stuck at my aunt’s house in Anandpur due to the lockdown. The days are quite homogenous. I wake up at 7 and go help the my aunt’s devrani help milk the cow. Then I feed the cow and her calf. They eat cucumbers, brinjals, grass, hay, starchy water, and other vegetables. Then…


The winds are blowing wildly in Anandpur. Quite soothing as well. But still the sun is ablaze.

Evening Sky

The sky in the evening is very romantic, no matter where you live. It’s hard to believe under the same sky people fight against each other during wars and riots. 😍😭

Quotes on Photos

I don’t like to grayscale on my photos because I am absolutely satisfied with my life. I am always happy. I don’t edit my photos because I’m happy with the way I look.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Who was Raja Ram Mohan Roy, today’s google doodle? Raja Ram Mohan Roy is one of the many Bengali social reformer who modernised the Bengal province. He is referred to as Wikipedia by a social worker but actually he is the creator of modern India. If he were not there India still wold have been…

The True Bengali Spirit

Read this to know your full potential if you are a Bengali and respect Bengalis if you aren’t one.