Home Sweet Home!

I am back at home. I have reunited with my laptop.
Stay Tuned.
Better and longer posts are coming soon…

Lunch in Anandpur

The breakfast in Anandpur consists of Indian flatbreads or puffed rice, along with a sweet. The dinner is mainly Indian flatbread with a curry again with a sweet. The meal worth mentioning, which is the truest image of a traditional Bengali food, is the lunch. The lunch is a ceremonial occasion. Almost everyone in the…

Nabakunja in Anandpur

After my boards, me, and my parents ( actually I) decided to go to my aunt’s ancestral house in Anandpur.There a Hindu celebration of worshipping Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha in nine separate pandals across the neighborhood. These pandals are called Kunjas. In each of these Kunjas, a group of two to three people sing…

To Anandpur

On the day of 20th March me and my parents woke up early in the morning, about 6 o’ clock. Then we boarded a bus to Howrah. The day was sunny and warm. On arriving at Howrah, we managed to catch the train scheduled at 8 am. We had planned to catch the train at…


I came to my aunt’s house at Anandpur for a vacation on 20 March. I am still waiting for the lockdown to end. I am stuck here for 21 days😫😭. I am beginning to understand the value of my house and liberty. Pray for me guys. I want to start studying for class 11.


The winds are blowing wildly in Anandpur. Quite soothing as well. But still the sun is ablaze.