Aurochs are the ancestor to the cattle family which existed in the world till 1857 in Europe. Aurochs originated in the period after Ice Age in present day Indian subcontinent. They had thick dark brown to shiny black coats with a considerable tall body and white fur around the hooves, which were split in two….

Quote on King

Ever seen a King up close? If not, you are a beggar, so poor, who can’t buy a mirror!

Quote on Cigarette

When the lighter which lit a cigarette is brought near the ember, it levels up to learn flamethrower.

Father’s Lessons

Originally posted on Teenage:
My father, has always been a man of high morality, practical knowledge, common sense, and far sightedness. He always teaches me things comprehensively. He lets me attain experiences at my own costs and does not keep long lesson sessions of lectures in the daily routine as done by most Fathers of…

Pokemon Failure

I spent last four days trying to download two parts of a ROM of Pokemon Ultra Moon. I spent all my daily mobile data in the attempt of downloading the zipped files. After tonnes of wasted data and numerous failed downloads, finally today I was able to download the second file. But when I was…


Originally posted on Teenage:
So friends, I have finally completed the GBA ROM hacks Shiny Gold Sigma, and Fire Red Rocket Edition. The ROM s are a little glitchy yet, on an overview have a great and smooth gameplay along with beautiful storylines. The Shiny Gold Sigma hack has an incomplete Battle Frontier part, and…

Quote on Life

Life is indeed a bed of roses, but the problem is some people are too fond of thorns.

Thoughts on a Sleepless Night

Disclaimer: I DON’T SMOKE. PLEASE DON’T SMOKE. IF YOU HAVE DEPRESSION TALK TO ADULTS WITHOUT HESITATION ELSE IT WILL KILL YOU. CIGARETTE IS METAPHOR FOR INSIGNIFICANT GRIEF. My cigarettes have burnt my nights,My envy for you has burnt my days,I don’t know why I want your qualities,But at the end I admire you. My cigarette…

Online School Resumes

Still frustrating. The good teachers have been replaced due to some unknown reason. The Physics class was conducted in a meeting with poor signal. Calculus remains mysterious, while a group of elites have got their doubts cleared. I am way too scared.


So friends, I have finally completed the GBA ROM hacks Shiny Gold Sigma, and Fire Red Rocket Edition. The ROM s are a little glitchy yet, on an overview have a great and smooth gameplay along with beautiful storylines. The Shiny Gold Sigma hack has an incomplete Battle Frontier part, and Rocket Edition has an…

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Quote on Killing

Originally posted on Teenage:
Don’t kill yourself. There are many people who deserve getting killed by you. Not by a gun or knife. But a sweet ironic piece of word.


So friends I got busy with Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma, as you know, and then I discovered another great GBA ROM hack Pokemon FireRed Rocket Version. You get to play as the grunt of Team Rocket, after which you level up to become the boss. The story is deep and dark as well. Give it…

Quote on Arrogance

Be arrogant, or someone else will be arrogant towards you. Be kind, be happy, but most importantly be arrogant, but don’t spoil your character. Arrogance is a great slave when tamed but also untamable. It may ruin your life or build your life, you hold the rein of arrogance.

Quote on Studying

Some study four hour actually studying half an hour worth of time,   Others study one hour, studying worth a day. One of the purpose of Teenage is to find your category.

Old Man’s Song

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An old man boldly said to a young, With feebly, strong yet not harsh tongue, “For I am not dead To this day I am just frayed. This huge world can change But an old man of previous personality , ‘No!’ He is considered as the ‘Now Generation Foe’. A named…


I am currently playing Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma on my phone. It is an awesome GBA ROM hack. It consists of Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, and even Alola region. There is a lot to discover, and 800+ Pokemon to catch. Better storyline, and tougher battles! I am playing it for the second time now. Go check…

On the Dockyard I Smoke

Disclaimer: I don’t smoke and have never smoked till this date. I dislike smoking, and urge you to quit smoking, if you smoke. Smoking has been used as a metaphor for deep sigh one takes during repentance. In the evening, I sit on the dock,My body stiff just like a rock,My thoughts are not running…

Song of Pain

A pin poked my heart, In the shape of words, And all night made me grunt, My heart broke as a house of cards. The heart oozed jots of blood, Which does has an effect, The chest had a terrible flood, For the words, I couldn’t neglect. Of use, the words were little to me,…

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The Reason I Smoke

Disclaimer: At first, let me make it clear; I do not smoke, and do not promote the same. In fact, I dislike smoking, and request you to discontinue smoking, if you smoke. Some strong language has been used. But, the work is not solely reserved for adults. Note: Smoking is used as a metaphor for…

The Revival Song

My end is very near, I’m not afraid!Death I don’t fear, I’m already dead!The Sun glows, the moon shines,Grass grows, no one is mine! Now the, River of blood starts flowing by,I have now known no one is really mine.I’m sleeping on a bed of expectations, Eyes get pierced by new sensations,Each day someone will…

A Day in the Name of Science

I participated in a Science Competition at the National Level during the last winter, when I was in class 10. I was the only student who qualified for the State Level from my school, after clearing the school level. I came first in my school, and also my district! The State Level competition was held…

200+ Followers!

And Now my little corner on internet has 200+ followers. With more viewers comes more responsibility. I must post better stuff for you guys to read. It’s quite difficult to study, play games and blog at the same time, all this while discovering myself. But yes keep supporting me and remain my friends!😃 Do like…

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Home Sweet Home!

I am back at home. I have reunited with my laptop.
Stay Tuned.
Better and longer posts are coming soon…

Lover in the Rain

The wind caresses meA hundred loving touches wiping your tears,Your tears, my tears, the tear from the skyAll melt together,When it rains….. The green trees swayAnd the yellow ones get buried under rain drops,All in the beats of my singing of a sad song,To the unity of nature and man’s natureWhen it rains….. The sound…


The permissions are done. We have planned to head to home tommorow. The electricity is fluctuating, so must charge my phone. If everything is ok, then we will be able to go home. Finally!

200 Posts!

After two long years of inactivity, finally I have reached 201 posts. This is all because of you who stayed beside me. Thank you. I never thought I will be able to post daily and get 63 day streak. I am melting but yet I will keep posting, and spread emotions among you. Thanks 😊…

A Lens on My Heart

I see you through a lens on my heart, in my leisure,Truthfully speaking, you are my leisure.I don’t know why I can’t see you all the time..I guess, my lens has become foggy with the tear at my eye’s corner.My heart cracks without you,But it heals after seeing you happy.Yet, my heart tips open gushing…

Quote on Happiness

The question is not, ‘How will you be happy?’ it is ‘What will make you happy?’. Find the answer you will never feel sadness.

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Eternal Bliss

Ever felt, why the breeze is romantic?Ever wondered why the rain feels soft?I have.I have seen eternal bliss.I have heard it.I have felt it,I have smelt it,I have tasted it. The beautiful moments are like atoms,Small enough to remain unseen to the human eye,Yet, I run after it, forgetting it lays around me.The big picture…

Quote on Panthera

Have the NERVES of a JAGUAR, have the BONES of a TIGER, have the HEART of a LION, have the LUNGS of a CHEETAH, have the SKIN of a LEOPARD, and you have SUCCESS.



Quote on Love

Love like Lord Krishna. Even if you get separated you will have the feeling of satisfaction and joy. Wait for your lover like Radha, even when you know she/he will never return.

Quote on God

If you believe that you are made of God, only then the existence of God is real.

100+ Followers!!

I finally got 100+ followers in my WordPress site. I am super happy and excited. I don’t have words to say. I am just on cloud nine 😁. Just about to jump from seventh heaven. Wheee! Keep supporting. Thanks for the support you have shown for me. I promise to make better posts in the…

Human Development alongside Animal Massacre

Humans have had a huge sprint from apes to Homo sapiens and then from monarchy to democracy. But not even in one case, SMALL SCALE implementation of animal help hasn’t been done. LARGE SCALE as they are called can’t attach themselves to the souls of common people. Gandhiji said, “Be the change that you want…

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award Nominated!!

I honestly thank Ekanthika, an amazing blogger, who nominated me, a 15 year old boy, who writes anything in his blog. I am very happy to see that I am nominated by someone for an award. Do check Ekanthika’s blog. The link is Ideal inspiration blogger award is a non official Award to the…

A Total 1000 Likes on My Blog!!

Happy to announce my blog Teenage has reached a total of 1000 likes. This is all because of you, who kept supporting me. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!☺️ 😊

Save Tigers

Tiger (Panthera tigris Tigris) is our national animal. It is the largest member of the cat family with males having a length of 2.5m to 3.9m and females having a length of 2m to 2.8m. They have the majestic physique and stunning features of a king. Thus, they have been chosen as the national animal…

How to Ask Out? And the Definition of Love.

Love is something whose essence has been taken by many; yet defined by very less people. A lover himself doesn’t know why he has fallen in love. The reasons come to the mind only if thought over-practically or rather brutally to the opinion of many. Its just not a pleasure to be lured by such…

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A Quote On Animals


Animals in a New Point of View

We all spend so much time in liking and sharing quite useless stuff on social media platforms. Pledge today to share this post to as many as you can to improve the thoughts of people and plight of animals. Animals the most wonderful creation by God. This can be said since they add colours to…

50 Day Streak!!

There was a time when I didn’t write for 2 years and now I am on a whopping 50 day streak. I am totally heated up to make it 100. Stay beside and keep supporting. New weekly segment Shout out Saturdays, coming from this Saturday. All my friends who show their overwhelming love for my…

The Serenity

You lie down lazily,The phone in your hands,You say nothing at all,Just listen to your favorite bands. The breeze is dead long while ago,Fan is the only source of wind,The hair on your head will sway,Unless it is thoroughly trimmed. The trees outside stand golden,With all the summer shine,The world is not of possession,Only say,…


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A Thing To Think!!

In, today’s informative world, where making a few clicks and taps may reveal the entire planet and even the universe in front of our eyes; can we just sit aside and set off our minds to think where is the position of animals. Yes, I am not talking about your plate or wardrobe or walls,…

Quote on Duty

Do what you must, then do what you like. Responsibility is the best source of motivation. Stand up. Stand brave soldier.

Quote on Money

If money can’t buy happiness, then why is everyone mad after it? Intelligent people want to keep money for themselves and want you to be a beggar.

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is one of the greatest problems faced by animals. Animal cruelty is referred to as a humane treatment to a beast. Many a time, killing is not at all important but the way of killing is given more prominence. But at last, the animal is killed; and people often overlook this matter. To…

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Today I am bent upon hacking the game Dragon City, so wish me luck. Any one who knows to hack games? Please comment and help. Thanks.

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Quote on Killing

Don’t kill yourself. There are many people who deserve getting killed by you. Not by a gun or knife. But a sweet ironic piece of word.

Quote on Kill

Don’t kill yourself. Kill them who make you want to kill yourself. Smile. Brave warrior.

Quote on DP

The people who keep grayscale DP, Abstract, and Sad Statuses are the ones who always spend their time laughing by looking at memes.

Quote on Camera

Why post black and white photos if your camera can capture color?

50+ Followers Special!

I started blogging after a great friend of mine told me about WordPress. She also owns a blog, I am not sure if she will like if I write her blog’s link, so not including it. If she is allowing I will let you know. It is an amazing poetry blog. I went home from…

50 + Followers!!

I am amazed. I never thought this would happen. But yup I am given the responsibility to give cool bits of information to 52 amazing people. My online school is starting in a few minutes, but surely I will post a long post after 1 PM ( IST) Love and regards to every supporter!

How was my First Day E- schooling?

It was time consuming and to some extent valueless. I am admitted to the science stream which is said to be the hardest of the three. Even if you want to get admitted to the stream, you need a great deal of marks. I was surprised to find a lot of dummies in the school…

Online School!

From today my school is going online. I am really missing the feeling of entering a new class and studying new stuff. This is because, our annual exam was over just before the lockdown was announced. But well, I am glad that I am not sitting idle. I arranged a few books for me 😁🤔,…

Expansion of Rights

The right of someone refers to the activities one can do without trespassing the criminal sector of life according to the “law”. If we talk about animal rights then we hit upon the term “anti cruelty”. I know and I must say that this is quite vague. The cruelty term does not has a necessity…

Me to My Beloved

“You will never know how much I love to spend time with you”, I said. ” Well, I already know that. Tell me something new.”. “Like; my favorite color, my favorite sport? I guess that will amuse you.”. “Well, I know the answer to these too” “You know, how difficult it is to talk to…