Got Response From My Painting

Feeling blessed. Guys/ gals/ gays, please stay beside me and help me grow, thanks. If you like my posts, please share them and like them. Thank you, 😍😍😍😄😄😄

My First Complete Digital Art!!

Ibis Paint X App is amazing. I used it to create this painting. I know the eyes are a bit too high above in the forehead, but still practice will make me perfect! I have also featured my first art piece.

My Favorite YouTubers

In no particular order,which boost me 1.KirtiChow: Animator, who brings up the topics trending in the society. He addresses problems and also their root causes. He has also made horror movies in the past. 2. CarryMinati: Roaster. Also mocks the school system. Uses slangs, a little too much, but yes, very funny. 3. Jaiden Animations:…

Lunch in Anandpur

The breakfast in Anandpur consists of Indian flatbreads or puffed rice, along with a sweet. The dinner is mainly Indian flatbread with a curry again with a sweet. The meal worth mentioning, which is the truest image of a traditional Bengali food, is the lunch. The lunch is a ceremonial occasion. Almost everyone in the…

I am Playing Pokemon GO!

Pokemon Go is indeed a cool game. Moving about, catching Pokemon, evolving them, fighting battles, etc. etc! It is great seeing your buddy Pokemon becoming your virtual pet. Mine is an Anorith. What’s yours? Comment down  below. You can visit Poke Stops for great rewards for free. There you  may meet some wonderful Pokemon! Gotta…

Still Stuck, but Not Homesick yet!

I am still stuck at my aunt’s house in Anandpur due to the lockdown. The days are quite homogenous. I wake up at 7 and go help the my aunt’s devrani help milk the cow. Then I feed the cow and her calf. They eat cucumbers, brinjals, grass, hay, starchy water, and other vegetables. Then…

Remember? My Friend

I am now feeding the cow at my aunt’s house in Anandpur, on a daily basis. I am responsible to feed it vegetables, grass, and hay daily, thrice a day. The cow is fed in the morning before milching, then in the afternoon, and then again in the evening. The cow and her calf is…

Quote on Earphone

My earphones are the political boundary of my interests and my duties.

Dragon City

I got amazing rewards after winning yet another challenge in Dragon City! Cool game. Be patient in the beginning of the game though and give it a shot. New events every 10 days. Great dragons.

Help Me Buddies: A New Short Story Collection is Upcoming!

I was thinking of writing a short story collection for a long time. Now, that I have time, I am planning about the stories. The title of the collection, I have proposed to be ‘ Divorce Stories’. I am going to discover divorce and separation in this collection. Libras are generally not good at handling…

Nabakunja in Anandpur

After my boards, me, and my parents ( actually I) decided to go to my aunt’s ancestral house in Anandpur.There a Hindu celebration of worshipping Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha in nine separate pandals across the neighborhood. These pandals are called Kunjas. In each of these Kunjas, a group of two to three people sing…

To Anandpur

On the day of 20th March me and my parents woke up early in the morning, about 6 o’ clock. Then we boarded a bus to Howrah. The day was sunny and warm. On arriving at Howrah, we managed to catch the train scheduled at 8 am. We had planned to catch the train at…


I came to my aunt’s house at Anandpur for a vacation on 20 March. I am still waiting for the lockdown to end. I am stuck here for 21 days😫😭. I am beginning to understand the value of my house and liberty. Pray for me guys. I want to start studying for class 11.

Open Testimony

1. NAME: Rejoy Dey 2.LOVINGLY CALLED: Rebel Jaguar 3.YOUR BIRTHDAY: 19.10.2004 4.CONTACT DETAILS: 5.GOOD THINGS ABOUT YOU: I am determined, dedicated and always looking forward to develop myself. 6.SOME BAD THINGS ABOUT ME: I am a poor listener. I act strangely in front of opponents. 7.SWEET RECOLLECTIONS: The first time I joined my present…

Tried PUBG Lite

Nothing special, just not like the hype. I don’t care who calls me a freak for not liking PUBG. I like Dragon City more than, PUBG, so I stick with the choice of playing games which I like rather than going with the flow.

My Photo! Nothing Special.

Just a photo of mine, my cousin took. Experiencing nothing special in Janata Curfew, though. Introverts..


The winds are blowing wildly in Anandpur. Quite soothing as well. But still the sun is ablaze.

Evening Sky

The sky in the evening is very romantic, no matter where you live. It’s hard to believe under the same sky people fight against each other during wars and riots. 😍😭

Got a New Friend!

She’s a brown cow, with dark black eyes. I fed her grass, straw and cucumbers just now. I just love cows.

I Don’t Care

I just want to see my blog in my deathbed after having a great accomplishment. I will love to track my development as a person. I don’t care what someone says about me because I know who I am. I don’t mind who sees my posts. I don’t mind who likes my posts. I don’t…

Quotes on Photos

I don’t like to grayscale on my photos because I am absolutely satisfied with my life. I am always happy. I don’t edit my photos because I’m happy with the way I look.

Quote on Rebel

Ask yourself, do you have problems? Are you completely happy with your life? I know the answer is no. Who is responsible for this? Of course, the social system. Not one or two but everyone faces a problem in this system. Thus, we must change the system, because the people are not for the society…

Quote on Smile

Smile – because it confuses the person in front of you. Smile – because it is easier for you to hide your grief this way. Smile – because it makes you un predictable. Smile – just for the sake of living.

Discovering A Nickname: Why RJ?

Since my early childhood, I have always wanted people around me to call me RJ. I do not know why this name came to my mind, but this self-invented name always gave me a pleasure. Whenever, someone asked my name, I always said, “Call me RJ”. As a young teenager, of 15, I still say,…

Your Face

It was the darkest hour of the tension,Don’t know why I was searching for your face,In the crowd. A thousand faces could not appease me,All I needed to forget the nasty crowd,Was your face. I did not try to search your face,Because you are not my life,I can live without you, but not happily. Never…

Here’s How I changed Over These Years!

Its been a long time since I last posted. Here’s how I changed! I have come to know of memes. I like the meme culture very much! They are great sources of information. They are great sources of news and history as well. I have come to know about WW II, USA’s dark side, WW…

My Evergreen Motto: Be The Best

I started this blog 3 years ago. Then, I was a kid, and quite mature. I was never immature, I can boast. I was looking at my posts from class 7. I found a lot of grammatical errors in them. But, I like them that way. I always look forward to improve myself in all…


This is to hereby inform all readers that the series of posts the writer is going to create in a couple of days, is not at all fictitious and any resemblance to any person living/dead is not at all coincidental but because the writer wants to speak the truth and present his point of view….

I’m Back!

Finally I’m back, the exams are over. And, now I am all ready to post on my blog after two long years. Thank you, my followers, I’m glad.

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Wow! I am Back!! Its my 2nd Anniversary

Its been ages since I last posted. Now I am in class 10 so got to study a lot. So getting no time to blog. Thanks everyone for staying with me and I hope I can post good stuff from April on wards. Many things have changed. I am 15 now. I have recently won…


The motto of life is not to find a lover, but to preserve love even when the lover is gone.

Exams on!!

My Final exams for class 9 have started and I am already done with my English and Second Language exams. Please wish me luck everybody! I need it! After 20th of March I guess I will be able to write more frequently.

Benefits of Education

Education is one of the rights which is being discussed for a lot of time recently. It is one of the most important aspect of being a human. It is what makes children resources for the country. Education is what helps a learned man become more of a human. It determines the power and attitude…

A Lone Boy Speaks

A boy was shouting at an empty room, after coming back home from his school. Read more, to find out why!

It Feels Great! One Year Blogging!!

I started with just an advise from my closest friend and admirer. I had nothing, just a few feelings and thoughts, which I knew I had to express. I expressed it with WordPress. Now, I have 16 WordPress followers and 191 email followers. My thought is known in a few countries outside India. Some might…

Zanzibar Leopard Found

I am super excited! The previously thought extinct animal actually lives. The Zanzibar Leopard has been rediscovered by Extinct or Alive team of Animal Planet. Congratulations to all the members like Forrest, Chris and others for this marvelous feat. I believe the leopard exists because the strange animal found in the footage looks a whole…

Song of Selfish Giant

The wagtail hasn’t  wagged its tail, The cuckoo hasn’t sung. The flowers have forgot to bloom, While the spring bells have rung. Yet the spring has come all over Not my garden alone. What  have done so bad My deeds to me is unknown The birds are in the prime of their song But here,…

Class 9 Diary Writing

Diary writing is the simple and often casual way of referring and reverie or the day’s activities. It is usually composed at night. In Cbse it is there in Half-Yearly in Writing Skills. The word limit is set around 120 words. Try to not use paragraphs. Don’t spend the word limit writing descriptions of the…

Words of Apologisation

Sorry Guys!! I couldn’t give you something to read for a lot of months, this is because my exams were going on, I am now in class 9 and I need to study more. Even my internet connection had a problem, so sorry, once again. Clash Royale lovers, I am writing this quite late and…



Many emotions

Many emotions on the end of summer vacations…… 😉  🙂  😀  😛  😦  😡   ❤     😛  

Quotations on Life

Life is a river, it flows away. It has its mouth, bed and delta constant but the water’s never the same.

Song of Pain

A pin poked my heart, In the shape of words, And all night made me grunt, My heart broke as a house of cards. The heart oozed jots of blood, Which does has an effect, The chest had a terrible flood, For the words, I couldn’t neglect. Of use, the words were little to me,…

Summer Time

Its the dreaded summer and the climate is “HOT”!. It’s a great time to enjoy vacations and live well. Just a few tips to enlighten yourself this long and boring season 😉 Go and finish off your homework and rest of your school works. This is the best way to cut off yourself from school…

Quotation on Animals

Every animal is my brother and I won’t let cruelty touch my beloved siblings. I am indebted to the milk of a cow for it is her who had left her calf to feed me. And I shall always respect her.

Quotations by Me

Every age (generation, not age of a person) has its problems and every problem sees heroes. Be the hero as the problem can never be solved in ages to come. The age of your grandfathers’ had problem of colonialism, your fathers’ age had problems of unemployment and rampant political changes and your age has problems…

What Should I Call You?

When I am at school, You aren’t late to mock me. You’re first to comment, When I get in my exam a D. When I give a smile, You’re the first to gruff. When I quarrel with my buddies, You are the first to laugh. But, when I am in trouble or so, You are…

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Who was Raja Ram Mohan Roy, today’s google doodle? Raja Ram Mohan Roy is one of the many Bengali social reformer who modernised the Bengal province. He is referred to as Wikipedia by a social worker but actually he is the creator of modern India. If he were not there India still wold have been…



Class 9 History French Revolution​

French Revolution was a revolution that started in France on 14th July 1789. It was declared by commoners of the 18th century to get rid of the monarchy and establish democracy 1.What is a revolution? Ans: A revolution is a movement of bringing a complete change in a society 2.Why was Sepoy Mutiny a Revolt…

The Dream I Saw

Today my day started well with a great dream I saw. The dream is beautiful to be a plot of a horror movie. Here goes my creepy dream, I visited my maternal grandpa since it was my summer vacation and all my maternal aunts were there too. All of my cousins and I were now…

The True Bengali Spirit

Read this to know your full potential if you are a Bengali and respect Bengalis if you aren’t one.

The True Swami Vivekananda

This question arises in many of our minds, that who was Swami Vivekananda? Was he just a Hindu monk? Was his greatness just remained whittled to the speech at Chicago? Here’s the answer to all such questions. This blog post won’t say you he was born in this year, and he went here on this…

Best Sparky Deck

This is probably the best Sparky Deck around. It is filled with power packed troops and is a tried and tested deck. It is great for all and doesn’t require a geek to play. Its simple but effective. Sparky- The heroine, she charges slow but damages big. Always send her out with Valkyrie, Witch/Wizard or…

Autobiography of a Street Dog

I am a street dog. I was born free and am blessed to do whatever I can do. I have almost nothing to eat in a day. Somedays I get to eat something and sometimes, I even have a feast. I am free to eat anything in my territory. I have a brother and we…

India’s Role in Animal Conservation

The role of India in saving animals from extinction. Please like,comment and share to spread the word. Indian Cheetah, Bengal Tiger, Iranian Cheetah and Blue Bull have been pictured.

The Story of April Fool’s Day​

Earlier, when the Gregorian Calendar did not exist then the year began in April. But after its issue and mass acceptation, the New Year began in January. But still, some people continued to celebrate the New Year in April. The supporters of Gregorian Calendar played pranks on them who still did so. So is the…

A Word of Gratitude

Yesterday, I wrote the post “Animals in a New Point of View”. It has been liked by a lot of my regular readers. I am grateful to them. But they have not posted any comments yet. So, I am writing this post, since I cannot chat up with them. Please do continue your support and…

Arena 5 Deck

I am very excited since all my decks from Arena 1 to 4 have borne positive responses and I hope my Clash Royale deck ideas will help all. Here in this post, I will tell you a good Arena 5 deck. Only people who have crossed this arena know how difficult this arena is to…

Arena 4 Deck

I got positive remarks and feedback from my Arena 3 deck. So I decided to write down a cool working Arena 4 deck. First let me tell you that, in this arena, you have to work hard seriously, to get promoted to Arena 5 Spell Valley. Arena 5 is difficult too. Arena 6, Builder’s Workshop…

Arena 3 Deck

Guys! I got a feedback, that my decks are not having a cool name and they have no cool cards, and they prevent players from avenging new decks. Let me tell them that I advise players to make decks and I do not like to make fancies. My decks do contain cards which have been obtained…

Glory and Joy To Me (RJ THE CONQUEROR)

After great hard work during the whole year, and after making huge sacrifices and efforts I have been successful for secure the first position in academics in the class. I have come first; the thought fills me with joy and brings glory to my name. I was busy with my celebrations (eating delicacies) so I…

Clash Royale Arena 2 Deck

Now when you have left your first arena and you are on a burning fire to reach Arena 12, you have a complete confidence (rather overconfidence) to unlock new cards faster. In this arena, we get to find some cards which are really tricky to use and needs practice. It is absolutely okay if you…

Chipko Movement

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Chipko Movement. It is a feminist movement and has been termed as ecofeminist movement by Wikipedia.Today’s Google doodle is also based on the same. I being a lover of nature am very happy to write on this topic. First I will love to give you a brief history….

My Post Exam Activities

My Post Exam Plans Learn Spanish Learn to play more songs on my guitar Practice mathematics PLEASE SUGGEST MORE WAYS TO MAKE MY BREAK MORE FRUITFUL.

The Tension

After the exams, I am terribly worried about the results. I always have thought that we should do our work without worrying about the result. The same is named as karma yoga in the Bhagavad Gita. I believe in this all year round yet I myself, defy this as I always think about the results….

The Song of Womanhood

If God has gifted a more precious thing than gold, It is womanhood I suppose. The grace, the beauty, and her guts, They always remain embedded in a woman’s heart. A woman has ten hands of which she adores none, All the qualities of a woman are there for men to learn. The elegance, boldness…


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Aurochs are the ancestor to the cattle family which existed in the world till 1857 in Europe. Aurochs originated in the period after Ice Age in present day Indian subcontinent. They had thick dark brown to shiny black coats with a considerable tall body and white fur around the hooves, which…

check this out

via How to Win WCC2 Matches Easily! World Cricket Championship 2 is probably the best cricket game ever made. It gives you a real cricket experience. Check out my tips.

A Thing To Think!!

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In, today’s informative world, where making a few clicks and taps may reveal the entire planet and even the universe in front of our eyes; can we just sit aside and set off our minds to think where is the position of animals. Yes, I am not talking about your plate…

A Notice

I was supposed to write this earlier but better late than never. I was not being able to blog for a lot of days. This is because of my Annual Examination and its preparation. Hope you all understand. Sorry!!! I will continue after 17th March.


I am very happy to find the Indian Republic Day as today’s Google doodle. I feel proud of my nation. I think that my country sure does have a rich culture that it has been rightly portrayed. But I don’t know why people just portray India as a nation which is filled with turban wearing…

Saraswati Puja​

The followers of Hinduism often perform grand rituals to please the Gods and Goddesses and earn their blessings. Such rituals are performed at a particular time of the Lunar calendar.  Similarly, today is one of the Pujas (as these rituals are called) of Goddess Saraswati. She is the Goddess of learning, text, speech, and art….

How to Become a Teenager All Love

Being a teenager is very difficult and being successful is more difficult. So, this is all about how to be successful in every way. The goal is to develop a positive attitude and lively personality which attracts everyone. This is the REAL SUCCESS lying in being a teenager.   == Steps == # Study well….

Song of Silence

Silence has none of its tongue, Yet, it is a sound way too young. It is there to mute a nation’s shock This holy thing is even used to mock. A great speech of maybe not a named man, Silence is the first to become his fan. A moment of silence gazing nowhere, Another happier…

Song of Words

Rods and needles will prick my skin, But the harsh words wont do so. Because for hurting the heart They are modified to mean so. A hit from stone or a metal piece Might cause someone a scar; But it is the word knives Of evil they are the Czar. It is the word swords…