Quote on Silence

Silencing a few loud voices gives a glimmer of hope to a million unheard silences.

Quote on Negativity and God

When You suddenly remember that God Himself/Herself has made You, the Great Creator, has created You, the Greatest Artist has blessed you with life, all negative thinking goes away! Love Him/Her. Preserve Yourself and Love Yourself because You are one of His/Her Masterpieces. Image Credit @Usashi Lekri

Quote on Hard Work

Hard work is a drug. It’s the best drug available, and it’s hangover stays for quite long but the addiction goes away very easily.

Quote on Hatred

Hatred spells doom but humans love it for some reason unknown to HUMANS. Differences are Man Made and HUMANS despise them.

Quote on JAGUAR

It’s the duty of a Jaguar to stay alone to teach the world the value of togetherness.

Quote on Us-the Teenagers!

We are the ones who suffer from a million heart attacks each minute and a billion brain strokes in a millisecond. We are the ones who can revolt against norms. We are the ones who can die for an idea. We are the ones who suffer at will. We are the ones who love to…

Why I am a JAGUAR..

Jaguars are neither the biggest nor smallest member of their genus. They are neither considered to be the fastest, the most powerful nor the cleverest. Similarly, I am a superlative in no sphere of life-leading skill! Jaguars are born with an aggressive spirit. A young Jaguar knows no difference between friend and foe, but attacks…

Quote on Cigarette (Not so Simply Understood)

If a man holds a burning cigarette only he gets a burn, cigarette doesn’t have eyes or heart! Don’t smoke, I don’t support smoking. Cigarette is just a metaphor for insignificant grief!

Politeness and Gratitude (Paragraph)

Politeness is one of the many bonds that tie human beings together. It is the serene attitude of a person towards the people around him/her. Politeness also creates a good impression on the fellow beings around a polite person. Gratitude is the sense of thankfulness to a person who has helped one in times of…

What God is to Me

My parents and my grandparents are God to me. To me, God is the Giver of Life, the Taker of Life.To me, God is colourless Oxygen,Colourful rainbow,Logic to treat rainbow coloured people as equals to others who are not.To me God is the electricity that charges my phone and laptop,God is the last 1% download…

Quote on King

Ever seen a King up close? If not, you are a beggar, so poor, who can’t buy a mirror!

Quote on Cigarette

When the lighter which lit a cigarette is brought near the ember, it levels up to learn flamethrower.

Quote on Life

Life is indeed a bed of roses, but the problem is some people are too fond of thorns.

Thoughts on a Sleepless Night

Disclaimer: I DON’T SMOKE. PLEASE DON’T SMOKE. IF YOU HAVE DEPRESSION TALK TO ADULTS WITHOUT HESITATION ELSE IT WILL KILL YOU. CIGARETTE IS METAPHOR FOR INSIGNIFICANT GRIEF. My cigarettes have burnt my nights,My envy for you has burnt my days,I don’t know why I want your qualities,But at the end I admire you. My cigarette…

Quote on Arrogance

Be arrogant, or someone else will be arrogant towards you. Be kind, be happy, but most importantly be arrogant, but don’t spoil your character. Arrogance is a great slave when tamed but also untamable. It may ruin your life or build your life, you hold the rein of arrogance.

Quote on Studying

Some study four hour actually studying half an hour worth of time,   Others study one hour, studying worth a day. One of the purpose of Teenage is to find your category.

The Reason I Smoke

Disclaimer: At first, let me make it clear; I do not smoke, and do not promote the same. In fact, I dislike smoking, and request you to discontinue smoking, if you smoke. Some strong language has been used. But, the work is not solely reserved for adults. Note: Smoking is used as a metaphor for…

Quote on Happiness

The question is not, ‘How will you be happy?’ it is ‘What will make you happy?’. Find the answer you will never feel sadness.

Quote on Panthera

Have the NERVES of a JAGUAR, have the BONES of a TIGER, have the HEART of a LION, have the LUNGS of a CHEETAH, have the SKIN of a LEOPARD, and you have SUCCESS.

Quote on Love

Love like Lord Krishna. Even if you get separated you will have the feeling of satisfaction and joy. Wait for your lover like Radha, even when you know she/he will never return.

Quote on God

If you believe that you are made of God, only then the existence of God is real.

Quote on Duty

Do what you must, then do what you like. Responsibility is the best source of motivation. Stand up. Stand brave soldier.

Quote on Money

If money can’t buy happiness, then why is everyone mad after it? Intelligent people want to keep money for themselves and want you to be a beggar.

Thanks for Supporting. Elganspo and others..

This is a shout out to my supporter friends. Elganspo, Simran Totlani, A, Ruchiabhisikta, Mia Winherrt, Michael A K., Chemists Pottery, and others for extending their hand of support to me. You guys keep me going. Thanks. Happy Blogging.

Quote on Killing

Don’t kill yourself. There are many people who deserve getting killed by you. Not by a gun or knife. But a sweet ironic piece of word.

Quote on DP

The people who keep grayscale DP, Abstract, and Sad Statuses are the ones who always spend their time laughing by looking at memes.

Quote on Camera

Why post black and white photos if your camera can capture color?

A Shout-out

Thank you Gottfried! You have been amazing! I could have expressed a gratitude to him as a comment, but the pain he is taking to like my posts is just thrilling and really supporting to me. Nigeria is now the country with my highest no. of visitor views, all thanks to my Bro Gottfried. Go…

Quote on Earphone

My earphones are the political boundary of my interests and my duties.

Quotes on Photos

I don’t like to grayscale on my photos because I am absolutely satisfied with my life. I am always happy. I don’t edit my photos because I’m happy with the way I look.

Quote on Smile

Smile – because it confuses the person in front of you. Smile – because it is easier for you to hide your grief this way. Smile – because it makes you un predictable. Smile – just for the sake of living.

Discovering A Nickname: Why RJ?

Since my early childhood, I have always wanted people around me to call me RJ. I do not know why this name came to my mind, but this self-invented name always gave me a pleasure. Whenever, someone asked my name, I always said, “Call me RJ”. As a young teenager, of 15, I still say,…

Here’s How I changed Over These Years!

Its been a long time since I last posted. Here’s how I changed! I have come to know of memes. I like the meme culture very much! They are great sources of information. They are great sources of news and history as well. I have come to know about WW II, USA’s dark side, WW…

My Evergreen Motto: Be The Best

I started this blog 3 years ago. Then, I was a kid, and quite mature. I was never immature, I can boast. I was looking at my posts from class 7. I found a lot of grammatical errors in them. But, I like them that way. I always look forward to improve myself in all…


The motto of life is not to find a lover, but to preserve love even when the lover is gone.

It Feels Great! One Year Blogging!!

I started with just an advise from my closest friend and admirer. I had nothing, just a few feelings and thoughts, which I knew I had to express. I expressed it with WordPress. Now, I have 16 WordPress followers and 191 email followers. My thought is known in a few countries outside India. Some might…



Quotations on Life

Life is a river, it flows away. It has its mouth, bed and delta constant but the water’s never the same.

Quotation on Animals

Every animal is my brother and I won’t let cruelty touch my beloved siblings. I am indebted to the milk of a cow for it is her who had left her calf to feed me. And I shall always respect her.

Quotations by Me

Every age (generation, not age of a person) has its problems and every problem sees heroes. Be the hero as the problem can never be solved in ages to come. The age of your grandfathers’ had problem of colonialism, your fathers’ age had problems of unemployment and rampant political changes and your age has problems…