Afternoon Thoughts at Midnight

It’s afternoon, I’m taking my Physics lesson online,
Sir is teaching me, the Law of Superposition, or something like that,
“The absence or presence of charges…”
Wait! What’s that sound?
Oh! It’s the sound of the mute man who limps and sells papads to make a living.
It’s been a long time since, I heard is groans of pain to earn his bread.

It was the lockdown,
That’s why I hadn’t heard his voice from my window,
I wonder how he spent his life,
I realise that I spent mine in the luxury of writing weird cringey stuff,
I wonder if the Government did anything for the poor,
Has that man, received any ease to his constant misery?

I don’t even know if he feels miserable,
Then I think of my father, who hasn’t earned anything during the lockdown,
Our finances are not the best in class, either,
But I can spend my time at school, for music, and laughter,
So, I guess I’m at a better place than him,
I got no money, so I can’t buy papad to help him.

I fancy about doing something big for small businesspersons, when I’m a big man,
I come back to Physics, for I realise that I need to study to become big,
To help my father and all the papad sellers in the neighbourhood, the city,
The State, The Nation, perhaps, The World even.
I learn how to solve numericals, or so I think,
Physics is tiring, but of course I can toil harder for the poor.

I eat my snacks, I have food to eat,
Then, I check the Chemistry notes,
Learning the notes is difficult,
But I know earning a living is more difficult,
I make the music louder to kill thoughts,
But without food, starvation will kill me.

I have my dinner,
My lessons are done,
I look at my notes again,
And the window from which I heard,
The sound of the mute limping papad seller,
I look at the clock, it’s midnight.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rejoy, your poem demonstrates both sensitivity and wisdom. It is good that you are motivated to study and empower yourself, and impressive that you have empathy for your father and the mute vendor. You are on the right track to do good things with your life. ❤ These are not easy times. "This too shall pass!" Take care! ❤


  2. Rageshree says:

    I am hosting a blog party to celebrate 3 years of blogging and 1000 followers, and you are invited! The post will be live tomorrow (Sunday) at 8PM IST.
    Hope to see you there:)


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