2020 Summarized for Me

The beginning of the year saw me in the 10th standard struggling hard through the Pre Boards of Class 10. I appeared the VVM Exam at State Level. I couldn’t qualify for the Nationals, but the experience was golden. I watched memes of how the year could go bad, instead of the usual good vibes messages popular during the early January. The memes had predicted the future. In that regard I’d say, that 2020 might have been a terrible year for humanity but humans have reached the pinnacle of success, in the art of meme making. Some of the most wonderful templates I ever saw, rose to success during 2020.

During February, I was to give the dreaded Boards. I had sleepless nights. I felt helpless. I studied and studies and awaited for the first exam in the late February. I knew that the exams would be a part of the past in no time.

By the early March I had given 2 out of 6 exams. The 4 Titans remained to be conquered during March. I fought them, I panicked during the in-between days. I studied hard and made my routine harder. I noticed during the last exams that some of the candidates were wearing masks. To be honest, during the early days of the pandemic, when it was invisible, I was a Karen. I believed it would go away unnoticed from the news channels just like the election news. How wrong I was! The exams finally ended. Me and my homies had now been initiated for the next Board Exams, to be happened after 2 years. I had made plans to attend a religious festival called Naba Kunja in Anandpur, at my aunt’s place. I and my Ma went there, and lo!

I thought it would be a week long trip, but the lockdown was put on India. People stayed at home, and I got stuck at my aunt’s place. The entire month of April saw me, away from home. I was and still am no longer a Karen. I was afraid of the virus. But the days I had in Anandpur were just fabulous. I had the time of my life. The rural environment cast a spell on me. The trees in the garden, the open sky from the terrace of the house, the cow, the calf, the food, ad the fresh air! I stayed in the room assigned to me for most of the lockdown. I rarely came out to the external world. When I did, I would rush to the cattle shed, feed the cow and her calf, and then spend the entire afternoon and evening with them. I would spend long hours playing Dragon City, GBA ROM Hacks, and listening to old melodies, I remembered from a distant hum during my childhood. I had the time of my life, when people were dying, economies crashing, and employments gone. Back at my house my father and grandma spent their days worrying about us. But thankfully to the far sightedness of my father, he had bought enough supplies before the one day lockdown. A new thing, online school began in late April, and so did online tuitions.

This went on till mid May. Ma and me finally got a way to go home in late May. I was finally back home after much struggle.

June began, and I left my tuitions. Self study is a lot better. The syllabus is huge, new, strange, and denies everything taught in previous classes. The quality of the classes provided by school was poor and I was my sole source of help. I put myself on a hard routine.

July and August flew like breeze.

And then came September. Our TV stopped working all of a sudden. We had to buy a new Tv, rather my grandma had to buy a new TV. Within days after that, I lost my grandfather. It was a sad event, but he had always wished to die, because he believed he had done everything to be done with life. He passed away peacefully in his afternoon nap. My half yearly exams began. The school servers were lagging every now and then, the number of questions per exams were ridiculously high, and the time low. Me and my buddies joked about it with each other.

And in October the teachers, made a joke of us. Numbers had been deducted for non existent practicals. I stopped playing Dragon City and played some Clash Royale. I also tried my hands on Minecraft and began liking it. The Durga Puja season went without leaving a mark.

The Kali Puja celebrations went without any festivity in November. I went to my maternal grandparent’s house for a little change of mind from studies. I studied there and spent time in the garden, all this while, taking Corona precautions. Due to studies, I could do no other task.

December came in like a surprise. The year was ending at last! The boss fight of December has began with the new strain of Corona. I am working hard with my studies, and devoting time to it, without any distractions.

I learnt a lot of things this year. I spent a lot of time with myself. I have grown up a bit. My thought process, ideology, outlook on life, routine, and several other things have changed. The only thing that hasn’t changed is me! I would not like to bore the reader further more by writing about the above mentioned changes. This was the best year for my blog! But yes, this year saw the death of many people, may their souls Rest In Peace.

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  1. Congratulations to your blogging year!

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  2. Rejoy, It appears that you have risen to many challenges and pursued your education with determination and resourcefulness! Well done! Hope 2021 will be easier for students! ❤ Happy New Year! Continued health and success. 🙂

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