Song of Smoker Cartoon Puppet

And here I smoke,
Smoke makes me choke,
With the wish to change,
See wavelengths of different range.
I think again,
Feel some pain,
In my hypothetical heart,
Throw it in unthinkable art.
My cigarette doesn’t laugh,
I laugh on its behalf,
Then I take another puff,
Forgetting all will to buff,
I stay the same,
Once again play the game,
Lose yet another time,
Misfortune does it’s familiar chime.
I dance to it’s tune,
Make myself look like a cartoon,
But yet I am here,
Smoking away thoughts far and near.
I try to stand,
No friend’s finger in my bare hand.
Oh Yes, I have a my cigarette,
My beloved Juliet,
I kiss her again,
And feel my chest pain,
I close my eyes,
Cut off all ties,
Smoke is blurring my fate,
Because I’m a Smoker Cartoon Puppet..

One Comment Add yours

  1. An engaging poem that humorously warns of the dangers of smoking. Great job! ❤ Have a great day, Rejoy!


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