Quote on Negativity and God

When You suddenly remember that God Himself/Herself has made You, the Great Creator, has created You, the Greatest Artist has blessed you with life, all negative thinking goes away! Love Him/Her. Preserve Yourself and Love Yourself because You are one of His/Her Masterpieces.

Image Credit @Usashi Lekri

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  1. Promod Puri says:

    Love for God means: Be honest, humble, and sincere, be considerate, and helpful to others, be merciful, forget and forgive, love fellow beings and care for the environments, including animals, plants, and nature. And everything else which is pious, pure, and morally firm.

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    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      Such a wonderful and thought provoking comment. Very kind of you to comment šŸ˜Š

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  2. Ishaan Sharma says:

    Very well written šŸ‘

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      1. Ishaan Sharma says:

        You’re welcome šŸ™‚šŸ™

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  3. Thanks for this extreme words of encouragement Rejoy. Yes, I believe in the Creator.

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    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      You’re welcome. Of course you may, not should. Atheists are always welcome in their viewpoint

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