Expansion of Rights

Today after a long time I got an opportunity to speak in front of my class. I delivered this speech in my English class. The teacher praised me for my powerful voice. I love public speaking and I’m ecstatic to get the opportunity to speak in front of people again! 😊💖 Keep supporting.


The right of someone refers to the activities one can do without trespassing the criminal sector of life according to the “law”.

If we talk about animal rights then we hit upon the term “anti cruelty”. I know and I must say that this is quite vague. The cruelty term does not has a necessity in the life of a non human animal to a certain extent in some cases and completely in others.

For example, if an animal is to be slaughtered for meat or skin, then the term cruelty has got no meaning. At the end of the day, the animal does not live to tell it’s story. So humans should stop shouting kill animals painlessly. The only other alternative is to stop killing animals.

Even I, an animal lover can state, with a load on my chest, that animal killing can never be stopped. The economy of…

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