Decoding Islamophobia and Logical Thinking (from a non Muslim)

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Today’s topic is highly controversial. Readers are advised to take a neutral perspective before reading this post. The reason I am writing this is because, we teenagers represent the future of the society, which I hope to be peaceful. I am not a scholar in any religion, but often great knowledge on a subject kills the reason. The problem is faced by common people, so, common people must rise to demand a better world to live in. Most people lack a complete knowledge about their own, and leave aside other religion, just like me. The knowledge of one’s own religion usually comes not from reading scriptures but what attitude the people around one have regarding one’s own religion or about someone else’s faith. For example, Western Christian memers often engage in making memes on crusades and the Promised Land. This is how non-Christians see the religion to be. In India…

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