My View on Street Dogs

India has the highest street dog population. India also records the highest number of rabies cases and deaths.

In this regard, thousands of dogs are sent to slaughterhouses each day. Just imagine, what will you do, when your beloved pet dog’s head is severed with one blow of a blade? Just like your dog, that street dog also had a life.

Each day, 250+ street dogs are sterilized in India. Humans may make thousands of babies, no problem on that. Humans only neuter the helpless dogs. Street dogs don’t have an effect on economy. They live upon the leftovers of humans. They lived in the metropolitans even before they became cities. They must be let to live their lives.

Imagine, you are devoid of your right to have a family. A new form of apartheid has been announced against dogs and common humans are busy debating on religion. Have compassion, every religion says. Why not be compassionate to the street dogs minding their own business.

My view is simply, this:-

  1. Government should change its policies regarding street dogs.
  2. India has a large population of unemployed people. They should be employed by the government to spread the message of compassion towards animals.
  3. People should be employed to give rabies and other required vaccination to the street dogs. Castration should be prevented in dogs.
  4. Each house in a neighborhood must keep watch on the pack of dogs living there. They should report about any injured dog.

Thus, only by spreading compassion we can face this problem. Not only will the street dogs live with ease, but also a huge number of people will be employed, bringing a boost to the economy. If the government can spend in useless festivities,it can also spend in general awareness campaign and policy changes.

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  1. Akash Nepali says:

    I cannot help but totally agree with your view
    Nepal too has same problems going.
    Hope concerned authorities will look over the situation as soon as possible.

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    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      We cannot hope. We must move forward and take steps. I have taken. You start taking. The next day say your neighbour, your best friend, team mates, teachers, your girlfriend ( if any) to take these steps. We are responsible for the society more than the authorities. After every person takes a step, THEN we must force the authorities.

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  2. Gottfried says:

    Street dogs usually carry rabies. Here in West Africa, we don’t let them come close

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    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      Even here in some cases but still each animal has a life. Will you kill a relative having rabies? Each life matters.

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      1. Gottfried says:

        Lol, I can’t exactly kill

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  3. Rejoy Dey says:

    So. Help animals. Adopt a street dog by letting it live on street and feeding it some snacks. You don’t have to take it for walk, clean it’s poop, worry if you go out on vacation. So it’s all the fun of keeping a pet minus the liability.


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