The Revival Song

My end is very near, I’m not afraid!
Death I don’t fear, I’m already dead!
The Sun glows, the moon shines,
Grass grows, no one is mine!

Now the, River of blood starts flowing by,
I have now known no one is really mine.
I’m sleeping on a bed of expectations,
Eyes get pierced by new sensations,
Each day someone will just betray me,
Let them do so, they haven’t yet seen me!
Blood trickles down the veins, through my eyes and lips,
For them, it’s just nothing but some Onion Dip!

Yo, soul of mine,
Why sittin n cryin,
Go destroy them,
Sing yo victory anthem.
They have known you for long,
They haven’t heard this song,

Creep up their nightmares,
Rip their souls,
Turn those maidens,
Into silly, ugly ghouls.

My soul says,

Save the Max Revive for later,
Hyper Potion will be much better,
You haven’t fainted yet brother,
Your evolution is jus a level further…

“Go Go! Use the Revive, I died jus now”,

“You evolved into the best ghost type Bro!”

“Dark typing! Do I have it?”

“Change your Fairy type, then you got it!”

I’m all set to make them rest,
I’m revived, and I’m fainting,

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