Board Exams Experience : From a Boy Who Faced It Just A Little While Ago

The Board Exams are a daunting experience for everyone who ever faced it, or is going to face it. The experience of giving the exam is very important to share, to reduce the fears of the next batch who are yet to appear for them. Very few students do this. Very less information on Board Experience is given across internet. I am sharing my experience.

The night before the first Board Exam is very unique. You will get feats of craziness, excitement, anxiety and fear. This is very natural to me now after I have given the exams. I suffered from mild headache for sometime, before I went to sleep. The feeling of competing in a nation wide exam can easily take over a teenager, who is already undergoing a turmoil.

The next morning, I woke up before anyone could call me. I had a deep sleep with no dreams. As soon as I woke up, the thought of giving an exam took over me. I was feeling no fear at that time. I knew its my destiny. It was my initiation to my career, my adulthood, my growing up. If I passed the exams, I would not only get promoted to the next class, but get a feeling of conquering an important phase of life. I ate quickly. I watched TV while I was eating. I was laughing at the jokes delivered by by the cartoon character.

I knew somehow, one day, this board exam will become my past. I hurried up and walked faster than usual. I was with my father, and my grandmother. Amazing enough, we found an auto, at a little distance from our house, since auto didn’t come there often. I kept on chanting praises and gratitude to God. Each temple on the way, each picture of God became my site of prayers. I prayed to the street dogs. I promised them a better future, if I passed with flying colours, and became a zoologist.

After changing the auto, and boarding a public bus and also a short walk later, we finally reached our destination. Kendriya Vidyalaya, Cossipore. I didn’t talk to anyone, my father, grandmother, and my friends. I kept chanting prayers. Anxiety was absent, I was as if turning into a man with no feelings to the external world.

I entered the exam hall. Chatted a little with my friends, talking about negative things, and then had a walk to the washroom. I sipped water from my transparent bottle, and sat feeling less, on my seat staring at my admit card.

I gave the exam, drew the ending lines with ruler and pencil, and submitted my copy, as if not I but someone else gave the exam for me. If I say more frankly, I felt I was possessed.

Surprisingly, the feeling was entirely same even before the Math exam. The exam just happened. I did not feel afraid, tensed or a jot of anxiety, like I felt during pre boards. The paper was not easy or tough, it was as if an instruction sheet, which told me what to do.

After the exams, you will feel as if, it happened ages ago.


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  1. janetsm says:

    You’ve expressed your feelings throughout this experience very well. Your words pulled me right into the story. Excellent descriptive writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      Thank you very much for reading. Boards was quite a nightmare 😱, which I vividly remember. Thank you once again 😊. Keep commenting. Take part in my poll called VOTE, by using your browser to open my website. Or easier, comment what you would like to see on my blog.


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