How to Ask Out? And the Definition of Love.


Love is something whose essence has been taken by many; yet defined by very less people. A lover himself doesn’t know why he has fallen in love. The reasons come to the mind only if thought over-practically or rather brutally to the opinion of many. Its just not a pleasure to be lured by such a thing, also a joy in itself to care for somebody, whom you actually admire.

People who admire love are poets.

People who live in love are lovers.

People who see love are jealous.

People who fall in love are romantic.

These might be the of divine form of this “endearing elixir of youth”. But its not the truth. Like any other relationships; love has its ups (which are mostly seen) and downs (which may appear to be the Satan’s creation). Even when you just think of having a love, obstacles like your own friends or your partner’s pals may spoil up your delicate feeling of adoration.

My tip would be : Ignore sneers and catcalls as it is usually not your love who makes it. You care for her rather than her pals. Go ahead! Tell her,”I have a silly adolescent type question for you. Do you have any feelings for me as I have for you??” in a polite tone. If the answer is no; never mind, life is gonna give you chances.

Remember if you have preferences, don’t take them as Laws of Attraction and take them as guidelines.

Thanks to all my readers,Hope you all find your true love soon

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