Animals in a New Point of View

We all spend so much time in liking and sharing quite useless stuff on social media platforms. Pledge today to share this post to as many as you can to improve the thoughts of people and plight of animals.

Animals the most wonderful creation by God. This can be said since they add colours to the world and all the animals also give us a new seat on the beautiful but fragile world ecology.

It is animals who make us look ourselves in a new point of view. Whenever we look in the eyes of an animal, especially mammal, since they are closest to what we can relate ourselves with. They teach us mercy and when we start to observe them we suddenly feel blessed, and thank God that the Almighty has blessed us with the power to do so. And in that blissful moment, you feel that it is human beings who destroy their duelling space and their loved ones.

When you buy a pup, from a pet store, do you ever think, that now the poor animal has to live in complete isolation from its own species and its family? You do not even let him befriend the street dogs. Just keep yourself at its place and face the grave situation. Considering pups, since the adults are left to die at shelters or pet stores.

Now, coming to the animals whom you find mostly in your plate. Fish is killed by suffocation. The animal is taken out of water and the poor animal can not even take its last breath.

Hens, they are stuffed in cages and in many places the population ius so much that they even have to live with their dead counterparts. They excrete on each other. They have a poor fate, since they are not even a year old but made look adult by feeding them with only steroids and supplements.

Many people around the world, especially in India, consider the cow as their mother. And this is quite practical, since even when you leave your mother’s milk, the mother cow leaves her own calf to quench your thirst of all nutrients except Vitamin C. Do not mistreat or insult her.

Donkeys and monkeys are animals which people use to compare their comparatively stupid counterparts. But never do this since nowadays comparison of a child with his classmate is also seen as threatening to his career and intellectual developement.

So, love and conserve animals, just beacuse its your duty and also the fact that you are also one. Let the comments come in to let me know how this post touched you.

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  1. Maria Mocha says:

    Reverence and respect for animals is something humans need to relearn to do. Thank you for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      Welcome 😊


  2. Rejoy Dey says:

    Reblogged this on Teenage and commented:

    Old Work. Hope you like it.


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