A Thing To Think!!

In, today’s informative world, where making a few clicks and taps may reveal the entire planet and even the universe in front of our eyes; can we just sit aside and set off our minds to think where is the position of animals. Yes, I am not talking about your plate or wardrobe or walls, as you might have guessed. I’m asking what is their position and status in our society?
If we just think sincerely and honestly, have we ever made any significant development in the fields of animal comfort. I mean, every country develops livestock for food and other uses;  but how many of them sets aside funds for the betterment for their very lives and not their services to mankind.
Both humans and animals are children of MOTHER EARTH, which means we are siblings to them. How can we even think of harming our siblings?
Our own brothers are slaughtered off at our service daily. Though some countries have set aside animals for discussions and debates, like, for the consumption of its meat, etc.For eg. Cows for India and Horses for the United States.
Don’t kill any organism as you can’t create anything better than man cubs.
A tigress may be shot, if she killed the man, who slayed her cubs. Is this justice? Won’t you hurt the person who tried to harm your loved ones, very seriously?
The human judiciary would easily pardon a convict in such a case; but this, was the case if the murderer was a man, not an animal. If it were an animal, it would just have been wiped out from the face of the Earth’s face without even a FIRST THOUGHT; leave aside SECOND THOUGHTS.
Don’t kill your brethren just to satisfy your needs. “Don’t be selfish to kill and shellfish to help!” Face any consequence to save your siblings.
Don’t cuddle just cuddle your pet dog but adopt a stray dog or at least feed it thrice a day. Don’t wait till someone does it in your locality but step up and go ahead to become the inspiration for people who have the habit of ‘ FOLLOWING THE LEADER’.

               Even M.K. Gandhi said, “A country’s moral values can be understood by the way it treats its animals.”

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  1. Urmila says:

    Very well said. Good and talented boy!!Hope to see more posts in future.


  2. Rejoy Dey says:

    Reblogged this on Teenage and commented:

    This is one of my best works


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