How was my First Day E- schooling?

It was time consuming and to some extent valueless.

I am admitted to the science stream which is said to be the hardest of the three. Even if you want to get admitted to the stream, you need a great deal of marks. I was surprised to find a lot of dummies in the school WhatsApp group. The whole chat box was filled with attention seekers and Thank you and Ok texts. Everyone was asking the same questions.

Our maths teacher is straight spoken. He wrote a text about not thanking him just in the very beginning. Whatever the case, the e school was just as valueless as going to school physically. I still have some of my doubts unsolved and stand here disillusioned about science stream.

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  1. Antonia says:

    Great post about online schooling due to the pandemic! Very interesting! Science must be hard online.

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    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      Yup. We are doing online classes on WhatsApp. The school group is full of attention seekers who keep on distracting me and my Bros. The chemistry class is bad in particular. No one understands anything.

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