Expansion of Rights

The right of someone refers to the activities one can do without trespassing the criminal sector of life according to the “law”.

If we talk about animal rights then we hit upon the term “anti cruelty”. I know and I must say that this is quite vague. The cruelty term does not has a necessity in the life of a non human animal to a certain extent in some cases and completely in others.

For example, if an animal is to be slaughtered for meat or skin, then the term cruelty has got no meaning. At the end of the day, the animal does not live to tell it’s story. So humans should stop shouting kill animals painlessly. The only other alternative is to stop killing animals.

Even I, an animal lover can state, with a load on my chest, that animal killing can never be stopped. The economy of a large number of countries depends upon the income of the slaughter houses. I am not a VegaNazi, to say stop eating animals because I too feed upon a non vegetarian diet.

Many will say, exactly what do you want?

The answer is simple yet complicated. The animals which we feed upon can never see the sun of anti cruelty rise in their horizon. For the love of segregation as a human,I consider frankly that animals be classified between animals which are “edible” and animals which are “inedible, rather killing which is forbidden or hurts us”.

In many countries beef is a delicacy but in some South East Asian countries, cows are holy. So what do we do now? The answer is that it is impossible to segregate animals into two clear cut distinctions. Now take the case of China. Dog meat consumption is common there. But will you kill your beloved pet to make a great Sunday lunch? Obviously most of the people will not. But don’t forget about the minority who will.

Another example will help you. The westerners who after seeing cow worship in India term it as bogus, consider what will your reaction he after you see China’s dog meat market. I know dogs are not holy animals, but check this out. Cows are companion animals to a majority of Indians. The poor Indians obviously will prefer an animal that has economic importance rather than being just a companion. For the poor Indians, the milk is an additional income to their agriculture. The food they cook, also is cooked by using cow dung as fuel. Cows are important companion animals too in the east. It is better to keep an animal which helps economically rather than an animal which just eats, sleeps, and wags it’s tail. In urban India, dogs are used as companion animals. So understanding the fact that companion animals can vary and respecting one culture’s food choice is important. Seals which are considered cute in many countries are used as food by Inuits but we are no one to judge them because chicken can’t live in icy climate.

Whatever the case, whichever animal gets killed, whichever animal does not get killed, whichever animal gets a status of companion, we must respect each other’s culture.

What about companion animals? They should be cared for. They must never know what is cruelty. Dogs or cows whatever the animal is, if it lives to not serve as meat it deserves the best treatment.

The right of a domestic animal to choose mate, have children is solely judged by us. Dogs and cats are castrated and robbed of their reproductive Rights by their owners this is more cruel than having the heads of Chinese dogs chopped off. I have seen how the holy cow is artificially inseminated in India just today. It is very painful for the animal as the animal’s head is held still very painfully while the veterinary doctor inseminated it. The poor animal often falls hurting itself.

Worse, the calf which is separated from it’s mother experiences stigma. Even it’s mother starts to ignore it. Then it ends up being sold.

Similarly, dogs and cats are either forced to breed or snatched off from their breeding rights completely.

Thus we conclude that animal consumption may seem cruel but it is important for a large number of people who are engaged in the meat market. And for the animals which live to serve us like the dogs, cats, coss, etc. must be treated carefully and be cared for.

I know in a world where women struggle for rights, and LGBT community also want fundamental rights, it is hard to imagine how to give non humans their share of right. But surely if we are wise and use our time wisely we can conquer any problem.


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