Lunch in Anandpur

The breakfast in Anandpur consists of Indian flatbreads or puffed rice, along with a sweet. The dinner is mainly Indian flatbread with a curry again with a sweet.

The meal worth mentioning, which is the truest image of a traditional Bengali food, is the lunch. The lunch is a ceremonial occasion. Almost everyone in the household eats by 2 PM.

First all the plates are served to the the batch of people who are eating. Then lemon quarters and salt follows. Then, one by one one or two greens are served, after which steamed rice follows. Each day, a vegetable curry, and a soup is prepared. Also, fried fish and a fish curry is another requirement in the lunch. Everyone eats lavishly in this house, whether guests are present or not. Lentil soup is also added to the menu. Plus, a chutneys, prepared from raw mango and tomatoes respectively are served.  The food served is delicious.

The main component of the meal is fish and potatoes. Other vegetables like drumsticks, are also given importance. The rural food of Bengal is very light for the stomach. Cumin seeds are used for the basic tadka, followed by onion and dried chilli. Turmeric powder is an essential part of Bengali cuisine as well.

After the lunch session is over, fruits like apples, watermelons, custard apples, etc. are served. Often, sweet curd prepared from the domestic cow is also served. It is really creamy!

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