Still Stuck, but Not Homesick yet!

I am still stuck at my aunt’s house in Anandpur due to the lockdown. The days are quite homogenous. I wake up at 7 and go help the my aunt’s devrani help milk the cow. Then I feed the cow and her calf. They eat cucumbers, brinjals, grass, hay, starchy water, and other vegetables. Then I have my breakfast which is usually chapatti.

Then I hunt for memes in the internet, watch some cartoon or funny videos and also play dragon city and pubg lite. Between intervals I also study. Then I take a bath and have a lunch. I will elaborate about lunch tomorrow. Then comes evening, when I take a stroll in the terrace and then have some puffed rice for snacks and then get busy with my phone again.

Then comes night, I have dinner, watch the old TV shows since the shootings are cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic. Then off I go to sleep.

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  1. You are there,
    To enjoy the company,
    Of the cow and her calf,
    As you visit your aunt,
    This is very precisely knit,
    Interconnected Universe!!

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      1. As you visit your aunt and rest of the family,
        You are also visiting their cow and the calf,
        And the entire vegetation around,
        We all are part of this picture that expands,
        Way beyond what we see,
        Even beyond this planet called Mother Earth,
        Enjoy the visit!

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        1. Rejoy Dey says:

          I’m already back. I went there eight months ago. I have even written about my home coming. But thanks for your good wishes šŸ’«šŸŒŸā­

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