Nabakunja in Anandpur

After my boards, me, and my parents ( actually I) decided to go to my aunt’s ancestral house in Anandpur.There a Hindu celebration of worshipping Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha in nine separate pandals across the neighborhood. These pandals are called Kunjas. In each of these Kunjas, a group of two to three people sing the name of the Lord continuously for 24 hours for 10 consecutive days.The devotion of all those who participated was worth watching. One needs to eat vegetarian or vegan food on those days.Each of the dishes cooked as Prasad at my aunt’s house was amazing. Different dishes like Aloo Dum, Boondiya, Kheer ( without rice, but papaya and sweet potato!), Sotifoot ( A dish made from water chestnut flour) were served as Prasad.I and my cousins spent the days wandering about the neighborhood and taking strolls on highways, away from all the noise.

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    1. Rejoy Dey says:

      Thank you. Sorry for replying after such a long time. Your support keeps me going! 🙂


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