To Anandpur

On the day of 20th March me and my parents woke up early in the morning, about 6 o’ clock. Then we boarded a bus to Howrah. The day was sunny and warm.

On arriving at Howrah, we managed to catch the train scheduled at 8 am. We had planned to catch the train at 9 am though.

The local train was full of people even amid the Corona panic. I sat on the seat beside the window seat. The man on the window seat got down at Uluberia, so I quickly annexed the window seat.

I was very happy to feel the wind slap across my face. It was really a pleasure. The track between Deulti and Kolaghat was lined with beautiful hibiscuses. The crop fields were serene. There were rows of hoses whizzing past.

I was lost in thoughts and a variety of them. I observed that people covered their faces just for the sake of covering their faces. Most of the faces were covered but very few of them were covered in masks. However, me and my family wore masks.

On arriving in Midnapore station, we took an e-rickshaw to the bus stand. From there we boarded a bus to Anandpur.

I started munching on gheepowas, just after boarding the bus. Then the bus left for Anandpur.

Forests of sal ran parallel to the road. One could smell the spring. The trees were covered in Golden green newly sprouted leaves. The smell was sweet.

Then the bus left us here for a month,( I am trapped due to the lockdown here, my father left for Kolkata the next day so he escaped just before the lockdown).

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