My Mango Plantation

It was early May. I had been newly promoted to class 10. At that time, mangoes were a must after every meal.They were eaten by me, even as snacks.As I had already said, that many of our plants died during the construction of our 1st floor. One of them was our dear mango plant.

So, after all the construction was finished, I decided to make a mango plantation in our terrace to fulfill the spot of that plant. I collected the seed of every sweet mango I ate. I was aware of genetics since that time. I knew sweet mangoes bear seeds which bear sweet fruits.

First, I dried all the seeds in the Sun.
Then, I took a plastic pot with a wide circular base, in which all the seeds could be placed at sufficient distance from each other, in late May. The seedlings emerged in the middle of June. By September, they were about four inches tall. unlike, the watermelon seedlings all of the mango seedlings survived.
After the Puja, which was quite event less, because my entire family was down with fever, my grandmother transplanted the seedlings in separate earthen pots, in which already some other plants were growing. In this way we could use up all kinds of nutrients from the soil, using no fertilizer and take up the least space. I had prepared a manure at home in about three months. I added this manure, made of kitchen waste, like vegetable peels, egg shell, some bones of the meat we consumed, banana peels and used tea leaves, to the saplings.

Now, all of them have grown healthy and each of them are about 45 cm tall.i hope they bear fruits in the next summer.

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