Discovering A Nickname: Why RJ?

Since my early childhood, I have always wanted people around me to call me RJ. I do not know why this name came to my mind, but this self-invented name always gave me a pleasure. Whenever, someone asked my name, I always said, “Call me RJ”. As a young teenager, of 15, I still say, “RJ, call me RJ”.

I did not have a phrase for which RJ was an abbreviation for. As a kid, of class 5, I decided to assign a full form to RJ. As a kid, I participated in the National Spell Bee, where I came across a word jargon. Jargon means special words or expressions used by a profession or group that are difficult for others to understand. So, I thought that Rocking Jargoniser, will be a fine name. You see, every straight boy of 10 or 11 feels Rocking, a COOL word to have in his name. So, RJ got its first full form.

As a student of high school, in class 7, I had to study about Kings in Social Studies. Their stories of valor and intelligence impressed me. It was not the physical strength but the respect they got from their subjects which impressed me more. I was a fond of high sounding titles then. This is why, I changed my nickname to RJ the Great. Then followed, RJ the Cool, RJ the Best. Later, some classmates of mine changed it to RJ the blusher. They called me blusher whenever I was near my secret crush. I don’t know how they came to know about my crush!

In the 9th standard, I began discovering myself. I found the spiritual and intellectual side of me. I discovered the rebellious side of me. I wanted to make new rules. I felt as if the society was not right. I still have this feeling. This is because, we all have problems in our life. The question is “Are we for the social sysytem or the social sysytem is for us?”. If people are facing problems living in this society then the society and not the people must change.

So, R in RJ now stands for Rebel.

I don’t think there is something like introvert and extrovert. It is only that there are two types of people ( I don’t think people can be classed in two rigid placeholders, surely there exists a third group about which some great philosopher will devote his life to discover).

The first type, are those, who talk to everyone. The second type, who talk to only like minded people. I am the second type. I am usually quite and don’t talk much in public. I also have a dark side. I can sacrifice anything in order to gain success. I usually approach people friendly and then demolish them in their respective fields to establish myself. Just like a jaguar! A jaguar attacks an unsuspecting prey from behind. Unless a jaguar wants, no one can find a jaguar in the dense forest. A jaguar can even hunt down other predators like caiman and anaconda. Just like a jaguar, even I don’t let people discover my real self, unless I want them to.

So, J in Rj became Jaguar.

So, here I stand today, Rebel Jaguar.

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  1. Anupriya says:

    Glad to see you back.
    That’s a very interesting post. Of course, my opinion doesn’t mean anything to you but I am compelled to say at least this much that I secretly hope you discover the real you soon, RJ for that story behind your name and your behavior doesn’t fit. To me, your tough, ignorant and apparently rebellious nature seems like a truth you are hiding from. I hope what you say you are doesn’t become your actual truth. Please don’t mind my comment. Just felt like saying what I had in mind. Hope you are having a good day!


    1. Anupriya says:

      why don’t you just delete my comment, block me from commenting further if you don’t care at all?


      1. Rejoy Dey says:

        No, no, not a reply to you.
        I really didn’t mean to comment back on your comment.

        I am on a vacation. The place is lush green with forest, filled with the smell of fresh blooms. This, suddenly inspired me to write something about being carefree, after all the board exams are done.

        For hurting you, this post does not absolutely totally has to do anything with your comment.
        You are a great teacher to me, so I will keep learning to be less ignorant.
        However keeping the nickname Rebel Jaguar 😉 😜

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Anupriya says:

          Oh. My bad, I thought one of your most recent posts was a rant or something LOL. Enjoy your vacation!


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