My Evergreen Motto: Be The Best

I started this blog 3 years ago. Then, I was a kid, and quite mature. I was never immature, I can boast. I was looking at my posts from class 7. I found a lot of grammatical errors in them. But, I like them that way.

I always look forward to improve myself in all spheres of life. I came across Roman philosophy in my early life and it had changed my perspective towards life. According to the Roman philosophy, you just have one life. In this life you are supposed to excel in all spheres of life. If the gods are happy with your achievements, they will send you to heaven. What is interesting is that there is a place where people who did nothing special can live after death! Hell is reserved for those who make god angry.

However, it is not heaven which excites me. I like to be better than myself everyday. My favorite English song, “I wanna be the very best”, the Pokemon theme song, excites me to be better than the best!

Since, this blog is a scale to measure how I grew up as a person, I will never edit my older posts. I want see my blog posts from 10 years ago and look with awe how I changed over the years. I am perfect with all that imperfection!

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