Benefits of Education

Education is one of the rights which is being discussed for a lot of time recently. It is one of the most important aspect of being a human. It is what makes children resources for the country. Education is what helps a learned man become more of a human. It determines the power and attitude of the person. It enables someone to move one step further from our daily lives. Modern education is a right along with being an asset. We can use latest technology to increase our living standards, only if we are blessed with the gift of education. Education is what makes someone perform better in his fields. Thus, a well-educated person can find better jobs and excel at what he does. Education also brings a sense of independence and reduces helplessness that an illiterate man may feel all the time. Education boosts the morae of a human being too. Educated people tend to be more confident. Not only confidence, good education teaches us many human qualities like honesty, unity, fraternity, good judgemental skills, determination and dedication to work hard and perseverance, without which man would just be another animal. Also, education gives us the chance to know ourselves better.

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