A Lone Boy Speaks

The boy was fair. He was sad. He came back and straight went to his room. He shouted remembering the terrible break up, ” Yes! I love you. Why did you  even leave me? I know you will never find a better boy than me! Why? Tell me why, O, tell me why did you broke up?”

The boy softened his tone. The crust of his heart, hardened due to the separation started to peel off. The soft core of his emotional and injured heart started to come into view. He said in a soft yet clear and bold voice, “Do you know? I am in love with you since I was a kid. You were the only girl in the class who was talented and intelligent. Even you have admitted, that I am a lot like you! Dear, O Dearest and Loveliest of the Heart, the Queen of my Dreams, have you forgotten the promise of watching flowers bloom together. Didn’t I promise to make a garland for you of those flowers of Love?”

Now, it was sure that, the young lover was shedding tears. He collected all his strength and shouted loudly in the empty room, ” Are you selfish? Do you think you can get away with that? You stole away my heart! Give me back my heart! Why can’t a boy forget his refused love, while girls just shake all the memories away? Oh me, God I know, I live for solitude for life now. “

The boy knew somehow, his love was deaf so he called the Almighty to help him plan his future. He said in a really soft, polite tone, “God, you took away my crush, my Beloved, O!”  I have lost all wish to love again. You know, one who truly loves and gets hurt loses all wish to love again.”, He taught to the know-er of everything. “God help my burnt heart, prevent it from loving anyone except animals.”

He continues, ” Do you know? Why I pray to you at night and don’t begin my day with a prayer? I want to fight all pains and hurdles with my power. I pray t night to just clear off my sins, I knowingly or unknowingly committed. God! Help me live until I become the most affluent and influential zoologist on the earth. I want not to show off that silly and foolish girl that I am wealthy but I want to spend all my money in removing the burden of all your non human children! I am their brother after all!”

“God talking to you, I understood the girl was immature. She didn’t know what true love is! I believe I am a special person. I have the ability to love. The all powerful, creator of the universe, O, didn’t you preach in various forms, love is the most powerful weapon?’

Almighty without even doing anything relieved the pain of the poor boy.

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