Zanzibar Leopard Found

I am super excited! The previously thought extinct animal actually lives. The Zanzibar Leopard has been rediscovered by Extinct or Alive team of Animal Planet. Congratulations to all the members like Forrest, Chris and others for this marvelous feat. I believe the leopard exists because the strange animal found in the footage looks a whole lot like a leopard. I am sure and excited about this beautiful feline making its comeback.

Forrest Galante paid way too lot for all that meat. But still, the leopard is now a discovery. I think, they could leave meat at a certain place daily and set up camera traps. This way the leopard of that territory might be shot (of course by camera). The cave should have been left with meat and cameras too.

Whatever, I believe Thylacine, Javan Tiger, Baiji Dolphin etc. are on the way to rediscovery. The case of coelacanth motivates me. One day, I hope to go on such an expedition and rediscover a whole lot of animals.

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