Summer Time

Its the dreaded summer and the climate is “HOT”!. It’s a great time to enjoy vacations and live well. Just a few tips to enlighten yourself this long and boring season 😉

  1. Go and finish off your homework and rest of your school works. This is the best way to cut off yourself from school (not studies and your crush 😉 😉
  2. Draw and paint to express yourself.
  3. Learn something new like how to do sums of the logarithm, human anatomy animal health, etc.
  4. Learn a new language, or maybe the more the better(French Revolution seemed to me theoretical, so I started learning French. By the way, I even learn Spanish).
  5. Write your autobiography or maybe quotes like me. It seems great when a lot of people like my quotes.
  6. Sleep well and watch T.V. No summer is interesting if you wake up early and don’t watch T.V. the whole day.
  7. Learn to cook! I make ice-creams every year at home. Stay tuned for the recipe.
  8. Learn about yourself, like which animal are you or what is your mental age or other stuff.
  9. Read this exciting blog! Here is everything from studies to lovemaking(mostly for animals).

Do anything you like!!!!   😉  🙂

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