The Dream I Saw

Today my day started well with a great dream I saw. The dream is beautiful to be a plot of a horror movie. Here goes my creepy dream,
I visited my maternal grandpa since it was my summer vacation and all my maternal aunts were there too. All of my cousins and I were now free from the burden of school for a fine number of days. We all were planning for a good and geat holiday and a lot of road trips. “I am going to become a great teacher after I complete my M.Sc” said my eldest cousin “Like Louis Braille or many other teachers” she added. “So you plan to become a blind person when you grow up”, chuckled my second cousin who loved cracking jokes. Suddenly my eldest aunt came out from the kitchen. All of the time by now our moms were cooking and gossiping while our dads went out for a walk. My Aunt warned us that a great storm was coming and that the clouds were dark as the night. And because of the wind they charged towards the place like a knight. All of my aunts,my mom,grandpa and grandma all were very much worried of the men who were out. All prayed for their well-being.
Then suddenly came a knock on the loud door which announced the arrival of the awaited. They were not drenched since the downpour didn’t begin by then. “A great thunder struck a tree when we were hurrying home”, announced my second uncle. My eldest uncle and my dad went on to add adjectives on that that. Then he said,”The houses here, are not concretised and may not withstand the vigour of the raging storm. We must flee to somewhere for safety.” All of them agreed with a nod. “We can travel to our residence by my car”, offered dad.
“No! It is dangerous”, commented my grandma, “The thunder might strike the car any time.” “But we have no option”, finalised grandpa. So as per the offer, we all fled to the car and then started to flee for our home.
We took the broad highway. The highway was broad and ran parallel to two sides of lush green trees. The cloud blackened more and thunder growled like a hurt tiger. We all were stunned and didn’t speak even a little. Suddenly something instructed me to speak to someone, I announced,”This is just a storm and we are safe in this car”, everyone gave me a stern, grim look. I don’t know who said it, but the voice seemed unknown and ghastly to me. The voice said, “The world is my domain and I have conquered it and all the components in it.” A shiver ran through my spine. All this while it appeared as if only I had heard it.
“BOOM!” a tyre burst and only I reacted to it while others continued to maintain a poker face. A rough looking man carrying a car tyre riding on a rugged looking bike was passing that moment by our car. He applied brakes. My dad maintained a poker face and came out of the car and took the car tyre from his bike. The bike had an amazing Jolly Roger on it, which was not painted or sketched but was a result of natural chipping of paint. My dad fixed the tyre and gave him the spoilt tyre. Then we continued our journey.
When we were near our home I noticed that the sky was curiously clear and sunny and not even a single drop of rain dropped from the sky. By then, the evening had set in. We kept our car at our garage which was quite far from our home. When I walking the little distance to home, I found I was alone. To my surprise, Fire Brigade was at our neighbourhood. They said there was a fire. I was confused about where my family was and hurried back home. I took my spare key and unlocked the door and as I sat to disillusion me of the poker faces, bike rider, sky, voice and fire brigade; all of my mom,dad,grandpa,grandma,aunts,uncles and cousins returned. My dad gave me an eerie look.

This was my dream. Thanks for reading, I need likes,comments and shares.  😉

This is really the dream I saw.

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