Autobiography of a Street Dog

I am a street dog. I was born free and am blessed to do whatever I can do. I have almost nothing to eat in a day. Somedays I get to eat something and sometimes, I even have a feast. I am free to eat anything in my territory. I have a brother and we live a lonely life after, our mother left us.

When we were pups, we sometimes complained about our food, dwelling space and even our lifestyle. We admired the life of pet dogs who were walked in our territory. Humans loved them and they were blessed to lead a lavish life. Our mother would say us that they were slaves of humans and we were the master of our fate. Empty stomach hears no morals. We thought what is the use of being a master when the slaves were well fed. Our mother used to just let out a chuckle and said that we were not old enough to get acquainted with the problems they faced.

I fantasised my whole early life of leading a life better than this like the pet dogs led their lives. This is not easy. The human kids got whatever they wanted, at least they got to eat (I don’t know till now, how their stomachs got filled with just a small piece of colourful food, which they called candy or toffee). I and my brother also were surprised that the pet dogs, in winter, got very colourful fur which could be easily taken off by their owners and the dogs also could get them on their bodies back whenever they felt cold.

Then, one day our mother commanded us to go and find a pack for ourselves. We could hardly get fed even when our mother found food for us and now we were left with our own worries. How could we do better than our mother?

Then, one eventful day some men wearing uniforms came and blocked our only source of water. Grey structures were built over them which was referred to them as cement. Our drain was covered to ensure mosquitoes don’t breed and harm the humans. We were thirsty for days and even loitered in other pack’s territories for water, but all had the same fate.

But until then, I called myself better than pet canines, since I came to know that many of them had hereditary diseases and many were half blind and even deaf. And then came a great shock to me when an old dog, a well-wisher of ours who lived in a nearby pack, told us that the pet dogs were neither males nor females because they all were neutered. They lacked breeding rights and were castrated to ensure they don’t harm the humans. The people who bred dogs kept dogs who were just kept to breed when the pups born were lacking some traits they were castrated and lived a bad life.

So, I can conclude that humans are selfish and monstrous, they blame us to bite them (okay, we the dogs sometimes do this to protect our young ones or as a self-defence, but they, in turn, do castrate us; bites can be healed but a castrated dog can’t be healed to his gender). We the street dogs though have rarely anything to eat, ugly looks but we’re proud that we are good as we are. Humans have domestic violence and gender disparity but still they don’t neuter each other but even when we, their best friends don’t do any harm to them they deprive us of our birthright to breed. The world population is high, yet castration is reserved for the non-human beasts.

                 WE WANT EQUALITY                                         

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