Chipko Movement

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Chipko Movement. It is a feminist movement and has been termed as ecofeminist movement by Wikipedia.Today’s Google doodle is also based on the same. I being a lover of nature am very happy to write on this topic. First I will love to give you a brief history.

HISTORY AND BACKGROUND: This movement started in Uttarakhand, India in April 1973. It started when a group of logging contractors arrived to clear off the forest nearby. As all the men were out for work it was the women and the elderly men who initiated this movement. “Chipko” means stick (as glue sticks to paper, and not walking stick or cane stick). The people hugged the trees and did not let the loggers cut them.

NATURE OF THE MOVEMENT: The movement was led by activist and a staunch Gandhian Sunderlal Bahuguna. This movement was mainly a non-violent movement and often termed as a Satyagraha.

EFFECTS: This movement inspired many ecologists and activists throughout the world and made common people take much interest in ecological problems.

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