The Tension

After the exams, I am terribly worried about the results. I always have thought that we should do our work without worrying about the result. The same is named as karma yoga in the Bhagavad Gita. I believe in this all year round yet I myself, defy this as I always think about the results. The cause is not to pass but come first in class.

People say that it is difficult to find true friends but in my case, my friends are so good that to keep my face in front of them I have to keep my rank. I am not proud, yet I say, as this is true, I am the apple of every teacher’s eye at our school. I also have to maintain the position at the eye as an apple and I am not interested to come second. My parents say that it is alright even if I cannot fetch a rank, they only want me to pass. But even I know what they expect from their child, who has always been the talk of the town (okay, neighborhood) for his coming first in the exams every time (except class 5). I have to be brave and keep my nerves. I think this year I won’t come first since there are keen competitors in the class who are equally abled like me. I think that the ranks will have a difference by the width of a strand of hair. Yet I am keeping my trust on God thinking he will surely help.

If you guys, want to see this blog continue and do not want me to die at this tender age of weeping, please comment good wishes on this post of mine. Elders, please bless me.

Hope  I can boast a number of good wishers on the web.

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