A Thing To Think!!

This is one of my best works


In, today’s informative world, where making a few clicks and taps may reveal the entire planet and even the universe in front of our eyes; can we just sit aside and set off our minds to think where is the position of animals. Yes, I am not talking about your plate or wardrobe or walls, as you might have guessed. I’m asking what is their position and status in our society?
If we just think sincerely and honestly, have we ever made any significant development in the fields of animal comfort. I mean, every country develops livestock for food and other uses;  but how many of them sets aside funds for the betterment for their very lives and not their services to mankind.
Both humans and animals are children of MOTHER EARTH, which means we are siblings to them. How can we even think of harming our siblings?
Our own…

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