How to Become a Teenager All Love

Being a teenager is very difficult and being successful is more difficult. So, this is all about how to be successful in every way. The goal is to develop a positive attitude and lively personality which attracts everyone. This is the REAL SUCCESS lying in being a teenager.


== Steps ==

# Study well. It is the key of being a teenager who are usually students at this stage of life. Your parents are very serious about this thing. Getting good grade is equally important.

# Maintain good relations with everyone including relatives and friends. Behave properly with courtesy with everyone. Learn about adolescence and the hormones which are secreted during this age which cause change in attitude.

# Make friends and not constant companions. Talk about your friends to your parents and if they look suspicious don’t advocate about your buddies but reveal more information about them, good or bad. See that if your friends are interested in you and your interests in negative ways and force you (in most cases not physically but mentally or psychologically) to stay around them. Try to make your parents your friends and talk too them like they are your same age group. this also reduces vulgar content in your conversations which generally grows up in teenagers at this age.

# Don’t rebel but express your feelings systematically. When your ideologies clash with that of your parents say it clearly without losing your temper. Don’t possess the attitude of doing opposite things when you know your parents love you.

# When your parents don’t quite get you and suspect you don’t think them not understanding your feelings. even they are humans and obviously they can’t know each everything about you even when they are your parents. Just stick this point to your mind that even your parents might not understand you and this does mean that your buddies aren’t the people who know everything about you. Try to confidently explain your feelings if they are GOOD and keep shut if NOT.

# Don’t be ignorant about the correct things. Good things akways remain in fashion and cool everywhere and at any time. Speak the truth every time. Build an honest, calm, courteous and lively personality which will make you cool to everyone (the ones who think these acts to be stupid, are not your well-wishers).

# Try not to indulge in useless social media, blogging, video posting, etc. most of the time. Do them as fun and not all the time. Try to spend time with parents.


== Tips ==

* Parents are your best friends at this point of time.

* Learn about great people.

* Try blogging about good things in life.

* Be attentive in class.

* Never irritate your parents or teachers.

* Use social media as a platform to express your good feelings, learn things and not a place to post photos and status.

* Talk openly to parents.

* Try to know what is good and what is bad.

* Learn about fair-weathered friends.

* Be obedient.

* You can meditate.


== Warnings ==

* Do not use social media all the time.

* Do not misunderstand your parents.

* Do not stay aloof to parents’ warnings and advises.

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