Song of Silence

Silence has none of its tongue,
Yet, it is a sound way too young.
It is there to mute a nation’s shock
This holy thing is even used to mock.
A great speech of maybe not a named man,
Silence is the first to become his fan.
A moment of silence gazing nowhere,
Another happier moment with sound, doesn’t dare.
A red cheek, crushed heart or not, is today’s hype;
Yet of silence, it is also a featured type.

Silence is the conqueror of hearts.
Silence is the superlative of all paradox.
It has got meanings out of the box.
Silence can be ignorance,
Silence can be knowledge.
Silence can be inability.
Silence can be never ending pledge.
This is the magic of silence;
Then why show the tongue sense?

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