Sad moments before a Happy New Year

Every 31st December, I have a feeling of complete emptiness. When I take back my memories to the memories of the past year, I feel I have not done anything. Maybe, this same thing makes you less confident and have an uneasy feeling. but the next morning, the first morning of the new year, I freshen up and inspire myself of the things I did last year. I think of doing better things. but always I do find it that I have less good, rather, memorable deeds but more useless deeds and even more incomplete works. But I keep the motto of everyday of starting a work each day and seeing it closed the same day but the main apology lies in that I start only ‘one’ work each day and exactly seeing that ‘one’ work closed. Not more and yet not less.

I feel I wasted a lot of time but in the next moment I feel it was  very necessary at that very point of time. Each last day of the year I find myself guilty of more than one thing. There is a brand new list each year. Every year, I try to get rid of these lists completely. But then I realize that I am not God and being a Human I can make mistakes, though I am not ought to do so. I feel guilty. I feel exhausted of doing incomplete things. But at the same time, my honor for the Almighty increases too. I realize it is equally great to not make mistakes as taking care of all and everything existing or will be existing.

I feel guilty for good as this makes me realize that I do not make so many mistakes that I feel no guilt for them.

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