Old Man’s Song

An old man boldly said to a young,
With feebly, strong yet not harsh tongue,
“For I am not dead
To this day I am just frayed.
This huge world can change
But an old man of previous personality , ‘No!’
He is considered as the ‘Now Generation Foe’.
A named old who did things bold
Even his stories are as ice are cold.
Then what do I opt for is yet more vain
I think of writing on those days’ pains.
Nowadays, maybe a little piece of music folk
With boredom makes the youth sponge soak.
I am now left to  die
Maybe none would even opt to cry!
Forgotten would be the days of those
Those even which related the Love Rose.
I will try to re energize those days,
Through my scoldings or mockery ways.”

The young man said to the the ancient feet,
“I may not be shameful for my deeds,
For it is the youth and trend which does change,
This is the power, strength yet weakness in their range.
Youth revolutionized the world
Yet today’s changes have already twirled;

The old man’s song…….

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  1. Rejoy Dey says:

    Reblogged this on Teenage and commented:

    One of My old works, hope you enjoy.


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